March 21


Start Engaging Customers More Effectively

Appealing to customers in a competitive marketplace is challenging for businesses across multiple industries. You need to form a strategic action plan to attract and engage people. Here are some of the most important things that you can do to optimize outreach and engagement.

Identify What’s Working Well and What Needs Improvement

Request feedback from people who have completed transactions with your business. Hearing first hand accounts about what was positive and what was negative about their shopping experiences is going to bring problem areas into focus. If you’re seeing similar remarks from multiple people, it’s a strong indication that you have to assign a high priority to those specific issues.

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Occasional and uncommon problems may not warrant major remedial measures, but recurring issues with website functionality or order fulfillment that people report time and time again most definitely need your attention. Conversely, if people seem consistently satisfied with certain aspects of their shopping experience, that tells you that you don’t need to spend tons of time or effort on those fronts reinventing the wheel.

Decision intelligence tools could be an excellent means to actualize feedback. Well-calculated analyses to devise and implement engagement strategies can impart numerous benefits. Finding the right ways to interpret and apply substantive data will help you maximize its utility. Getting smart about applying data can steer smarter spending, enable you to strengthen technological infrastructure efficiently, and equip you to shape exceptional customer experiences.

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Know Your Customer Better

To connect with customers and evoke their interest in what you have to offer, it’s helpful to personalize marketing communications as much as you can. A generalized marketing communication probably won’t have the same resonance as communications that are geared towards specific demographics of individuals or towards businesses in specialized fields. Remember, you don’t need to rely on one niche of commerce within your industry to forge meaningful connections with potential customers. Establishing multiple focuses and solution-oriented sales processes for subsets of your core customer base could help you attract a lot more business.

Getting feedback from past customers is certainly a great way to hear what your customers have to say about you, but it won’t necessarily tell you much about them unless you explicitly request that type of information. Ask customers about their interests and shopping interests directly via interactive surveys. Collecting this information will play a key role in creating various customer personas. Ultimately, synthesizing customer data methodically can help you extrapolate more effective tactics to engage those personas.

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Enhance the Quality of Your Email Marketing

Getting attention from people in their inbox of promotional offers is no small feat. More than anything, you need thoughtfully-crafted, professional subject lines. Integrating personalized tidbits of information and using people’s names can also be attention-grabbing.

Avoid high-pressure, gimmicky language because that is probably going to make people more likely to regard your messages as spam. To avoid sneers and having people delete messages before reading them, you have to be catchy and command attention without doling out literal commands. Avoid overusing emojis. Too many silly faces or cute shapes in a subject line cause recipients to see messages as spam or potentially dangerous phishing emails.

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With every email that you send to your subscribership, utilize good tracking tools to monitor how well those communications are received. Pinpointing what types of messages drive web traffic and sales is going to make you better able to replicate those efforts repeatedly. Likewise, determining which communications are not getting meaningful responses or prompt people to unsubscribe from emails is going to help you avoid perpetuating efforts that are failing to strike a chord with your audience.

Lastly, take advantage of several communication methods to reinforce customer relationships. Social media outreach and direct mail campaigns can give you enhanced access to customers and keep you on their radars. Making yourself available to customers on their terms and using communication methods that align with their preferences could improve engagement dramatically.

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