November 2


Some of the essential and trendy winter accessories that must be in your wardrobe!!

As the deeper months of winter are coming there are so many essential accessories required other than clothing which help us to look trendy and keep us warm at the same time. Winters are the time when we love to experiment with our clothing but also we have to keep in mind that we have to save ourselves from the cooling temperatures also. We can try some of the amazing colours and with some of the amazing accessories.


  • Scarves –

These are so versatile and the most used accessories both in the winters and in the summers. But the only thing which has changed is that the fabric of the scarves that we use in the summers are so cool whereas the scarves that we use in winters are of soft woollen, fleece, etc. These must be soft, cosy and very comfortable to use around the neck and head also . You can pair these scarves with so many different dresses . These are able to wrap around our neck and help to protect us from the cool breeze and the cold weather outside. You can also find some of the knitted scarves which are also very comfortable to wear and look trendy also.

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  • Corduroy Bags –

Nowadays this korean style different types of corduroy bags are so famous among the girls. This looks so stylish and trendy. There are so many different types of the bags available in  corduroy fabric such as shoulder bags, tote bags, toiletry bags, etc. are available in Stradivarius. These bags are so trendy as all the age groups are loving these bags . Also we know that this fabric is good for the winter season . This is soft fabric and thick in texture. So many different clothing materials are also present in this fabric . This will definitely help you embrace the cold weather. This fabric is generally more expensive than the other fabrics. Try this bag. It looks so amazing and trending at the same time.

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  • Mittens –

It is so useful for the extreme cold weathers and they will definitely protect you from the cold and keep you feeling warm all time. These are mostly used on the ski slopes but many people use them in extreme weather conditions. Mittens are also used to hold the hot utensils in the kitchen. The shape of mitten is the same but the fabric used to make it allows it to be used for different purposes. The main purpose of the mittens is in the winters  as there are no gaps in between all the fingers as they transfer and allow the heat in the palm and make your palm hot in the winter season. Mittens help you keep your fingers warm more as compared to the hand gloves. In mittens people can share the heat within the fingers but in gloves there is a little surface area and all the fingers are separated so there is no space to transfer the heat in all the fingers and the palm.

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  • Boots –

This accessory is very important for all the people in the winter season as it helps in the prevention of frostbite and frostnip. In winters, it is very important to protect our feet as they help us to move from one place to another. If we are not comfortable with our feet then it becomes so difficult for us to move. The winter boots are the one that provide insulation to our feet and keep them warm in the extreme winter season. Different types of shoes are used for different weather conditions. Most of the winter boots are made of leather and heavy-duty nylon. Some of the winter boots are extended above the ankle to cover more of the feet and to protect them from the cold weather. Different types of ankle length boots are available in winters like ankle length, above knee, below knee, etc.

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  • Faux Fur Hats –

These are the better options for the winter hats. As the fabric is so soft and comfortable at the same time. You don’t feel itchy after wearing this hat. This hat will definitely save you from the cold weather and make you feel warm all the time. It will protect your head from getting the cold winter breeze and provide it with the warmth that you need in winters. As we know fur is the warmest insulator in all the fabrics as it helps to trap the heat and warmth inside the hat and make you feel normal in the winter season.

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