June 17


Smart lighting ideas to keep your homes cool and airy this summer

 Summers are here and you’ll definitely have to make a few changes to make your decor be as comfortable as it can get in this weather. Decorating your home or planning the lighting layout for your home has to exude warmth but you have to make sure that your living space is not too loud.


At the end of the day, your living space especially your lighting layout has to be as decluttered as possible. You might have to reduce the number of lighting fixtures your place boasts and try to replace the existing designs with the ones that offer a top-notch functionality quotient. Now, don’t sweat it out as we make the entire makeover process a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is choose the finest designs that suit your decor and sit well in this hot weather.

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  1. Designer fan as a statement piece


You might have the finest chandelier, pendant light or ceiling light adorning the best space in your home but it’s time to reduce the lumens your lighting designs radiate since it might just get too hot to handle. There’s nothing better than replacing your statement piece with a chandelier fan as it not only enhances the aesthetic value of your living space but brings an unmatched functionality quotient to the space too. Chandelier fans can be the perfect design to add a little bling to your decor and add a breezy touch to your living space.

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No matter if you go for designer fans with shimmering chandeliers or fans with stunning LED panels, it’ll just be out of this world for your fabulous decor. You don’t have to struggle a lot to find beautiful designs as you can just go online and lay your eyes on the finest fan with chandelier India has ever laid its eyes on.


  1. Balance the tone of your interior with ambient lighting designs


Loud lighting designs are simply too much on the eyes and they might affect the overall look of your home in summer too. The key here is to balance the lighting in your space and there are no other lighting designs except lamps that can do this job perfectly. While there are a lot of lamps out there that offer classy designs and unbelievable blends of elements and design languages, the best ones that will help you out are the old-school conventional lamps.

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Now, you can get a floor lamp, table lamp or a wall light too to set the tone of your home and also balance out the lighting flawlessly for your decor. Table lamps and floor lamps are much more functional than the rest and they can give your home a perfect makeover with the right touch of depth and drama to add. Floor lamps stand out from the crowd as they can create a focal point in your space and that looks quite good while making the space functional too. When you look for these designs, head surf the web and you can lay your eyes on the finest charmers and buy floor lamps online India has never ever seen before.

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  1. Complete your living space with home decor


Home decor not only helps your living space stand out but it adds a distinct touch to your space. Home decor have their way of accentuating the aura of your space unlike you’d ever imagine. These beautiful designs can paint their own stories in your home and it is just a treat to the eyes for you and everyone who visits your place. Depending on the design and the built, home decor can add warmth to your living space or add a blissful charm to the house.

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