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Signs of a bad courier service

If you’re the one who is worried because of the problem of lost shipments or late deliveries and at last this is affecting your client’s experience, then this is the time to change your courier provider. A good courier service provider is crucial for all companies, especially the ones that deal with international shipping of the products on a daily basis. Everyone will tell you the qualities of a good courier service but today we are here providing you the signs of a bad courier service. With this, you will easily recognize whom to select as your courier partner.

1. Delays at Customs

Some sorts of delays are completely acceptable when your products pass through customs. A small is common with every courier provider however if your cargo was dispatched with the proper accompanying documents, then it shouldn’t be too severe.

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Whether you are sending a parcel to Spain, Germany, the USA, or any other country, if you are noticing consistent delays in deliveries, then it’s a probable signal that your courier service is not the best one. Every courier is handled equally at customs however the perfect ones are those who make sure that all the cargo’s documentation is ideal and might spot a hassle earlier than it will become a big issue.

2. Poor Communication

When you’re dealing with a couple of shipments, handling expectant customers and looking to monitor all your stock, the final thing you will require is a courier that’s hard to keep off. For instance, no person desires to be greeted through an automatic message whilst all you want is a short and quick reply to a query that you have.

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Communication is prime for couriers of all sizes. The proper courier needs to constantly be available for professional assistance and guidance. They’ll additionally be inclined to talk with you in a manner you discover is most useful – it might be by a quick phone call or e-mail or video conference.

Either manner, you must feel comfortable with the person who is talking to you at any time of the day and it will be good if you are talking to a person whom you know.

3. You’re One of Many

The larger the courier, the more customers they often work with. It’s simple to get a bit misplaced withinside the crowd and feel as though they aren’t assisting your desires as successfully as they can.

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An appropriate courier will assign an account supervisor to cope with your commercial enterprise. They’re tasked with mastering your commercial enterprise so it will be possible for them to provide bespoke answers that perfectly suit your major requirements.

You need to get to realize this character or group and sense as though you may accept them with vital commercial enterprise decisions.

4. Reluctant to Offer Bespoke Services

When sending shipments, whether in a local area or a parcel to Spain or in any other country, there’s regularly a small element or hassle that threatens to make matters a bit complicated. It can be an issue of deadlines or fragile items that suggest you require a bespoke service.

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Good couriers will constantly display flexibility and attempt to discover innovative and powerful solutions in your problems. They need to be inclined to head the extra mile to perform shipping which you think they’d conflict with. If a courier is simply satisfactory, then they’re much more likely to be inflexible and attempt to make your shipping fit their present provider.

5. Quick to Promise, Slow to Deliver

It’s so irritating to be promised a date for delivery that the courier knew they’d conflict to fulfill. You’d alternatively inform the courier immediately that there are probably delays so that you can work collectively to devise accordingly.

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Choose a courier that is sincere and obvious in any respect. Bad couriers may hold you withinside the dark, so that you’re unprepared for neglected deadlines. An appropriate courier will constantly be practical about their guarantees and quick to discuss problems so that you’re withinside the loop in any respect.

6. Stuck in Their Ways

New technology and globalisation have dramatically converted courier offerings in recent years. This approach has modified the manner couriers function has modified too. To keep away from being left behind, couriers require to evolve their strategies and embody new approaches of thinking.

If the courier you figure with is doing something “due to the fact that’s how it’s constantly been done”, then that could be a signal that they’re a bit reluctant on the subject of change. Good couriers will test with new thoughts and technology to make sure they’re presenting the fine viable service to all of their customers.

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7. Goods Arrive in a Poor Condition

Broken or broken items are unacceptable. It is important for an ecommerce enterprise that their customers receive the items in the same condition as they were sent and packed. Even if they’re fragile, you pay your courier to make sure they come absolutely intact.

The last component you need is a message from the individual you’ve dispatched them to, telling you that objects are damaged or not in shape for purpose. If this happens, then it’s your commercial enterprise that loses out. You’ll ought to resend the damaged inventory and take actions on the products that have been broken.


In a worst-case scenario, you’ll certainly make a loss on a cargo due to the fact such a lot of objects are required to be replaced. Look for a courier employer that gives beneficial packing recommendations in order that your items constantly arrive in the best circumstances.

8. Consistently Late Deliveries

Does your current courier service provider promise you to deliver on or before time? Do they regularly miss deadlines? If you want to make sure that objects are with a person through a specific time, then you definitely need to understand that your courier can hold their guarantees and meet your expectations.

If you promise that items maybe with a consumer through a specific date, then your commercial enterprise can appear unprofessional and untrustworthy after they don’t arrive on time. As you’re responsible for the fulfillment and failure of objects being delivered, you require a courier employer you could depend on.

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