July 21


Selling Timber? 4 Tips for Finding a Qualified Logger


Timber is a natural resource found in abundance in the United States. According to the US Forest Service, wood is one of the most important resources that helps generate employment. It also can generate trillions of dollars per capita every single year. This makes it an important resource and those who sell timber are highly valued businesses, just as high as loggers in Springfield, IL.


However, there are many misconceptions about the timber. What does it look like? How does it grow? Why is it important? These are all questions that many would think of. But the most important one for a timber business is to find a good logger.

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Tips On How To Find A Good Logger For Timber


  • Determine your budget


There are many ways to go out there and find yourself a logger, you could even do with a single google search of your area. But first, it is important to get determined and finalize a budget. Are you willing to spend close to $1000 on a logger team that goes through a whole patch in the forest? Or are you targeting a few trees that could do with a couple of bucks an hour rate? Figure it out first.


  • Ask Companies


Various companies can give you a logger profile in an area, they may even be willing to give an estimate of your timber volume and cost. From here on out, getting a qualified logger in Springfield, IL should be fairly easy for anyone. You could call them up based on their impressions in the industry and find out if their rates fit your budget. Once you find one, be sure you get the documentation down.

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  • Make Sure You Have A Contract Signed


Legal issues are always a problem. No matter how honest you are, setting up a contract will protect both sides of the logger-buyer relationship. There should be clearly stated terms, such as the rate of pay, number of hours needed to work in a day and any other repeated works that would be done in the future.


  • Get References


References are usually given by the logger with the contract but it is definitely not bad idea to do some research on your own as well. After all, if you’re signing a contract with the logger on a long term basis,  ensure they are honest and skilled enough to get the job done properly. This can be done by simply asking around or reviewing online profiles.

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Getting yourself a qualified logger in Springfield, IL is fairly easy once you know the ins and outs of the industry itself. Having some contacts of your own always helps so make sure you shake a few hands every time you go about on a business meeting and such. This will surely help broaden your horizons. The biggest plus? You’d no longer need to search extensively for loggers.

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