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Sell Your Home in As-Is Condition

There has been an enormous amount of discussion over the recent few months about the effects of short sales on As-Is home sales. What is As-Is? As-Is refers to the condition of the homes that are for sale as of this writing, not necessarily their overall quality or resale value. One of the biggest difficulties faced by many home sellers in today’s market is determining the true condition of their property. The fact is that although the property is for sale by the owner, that doesn’t mean that everything on the inside and outside is in “good” condition.

So, how do you know if your home is as-is? In order to make any kind of reasonable comparable offer to a competitor, you need to have some kind of idea of what comparable properties have sold for in the past. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of a qualified real estate agent or broker. These individuals are experienced and trained in collecting information about homes that have just gone on the market, so they can share with you what they know about the current properties that are being offered for sale. A good real estate agent or broker will be able to give you a fairly accurate assessment of what your home is worth, as well as the details of the condition of the home that it is selling.Companies that buy houses in Texas can make selling your house fast, simple and if you need an online quote, they can provide you really fast service.

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Although a certified real estate agent or broker can offer you a fair price for your home, you still may be surprised at what you actually owe in terms of repairs. You can find out what comparable properties in your area have sold for by consulting one of the many real estate magazines that are published today. Be sure that you are getting a professional analysis of the same property. The same goes for any home inspector that you are hiring. They are not required to be licensed, but you should be aware that they typically have a MBA, so that they can offer you sound advice based upon their real world experience.

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Many buyers that are interested in buying an as-is home sales are looking for a bargain. It is true that some houses that sell for these low prices are probably in poor condition. However, there are also many wonderful houses that are in poor condition, but do not sell because of the low price that they are listed for. If you are interested in making a profit on your house, you must make sure that the repairs are up to code and the home is ready to be sold. You can find out this information from your realtor or the buyers’ agent that you have hired.

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Some buyers want to see the home with the actual owner inside first, before they consider signing a purchase agreement or closing papers. Unfortunately, not every seller is willing to allow a buyer to tour their as-is house, especially if it is in a neighborhood that they do not live in. If you are planning on selling your home as-is, but are willing to allow a buyer to tour the property, make sure that the buyer does not bring any friends or family with them. They may end up purchasing something that is significantly worse than what they found.

There are times when homeowners decide to sell their house as-is, but they still need to make some repairs. In these cases, they can try to sell the property for a price that includes the necessary repairs, but they do not have to pay for a broker, escrow, or anything else. A typical homeowner will just need to hire a good contractor and have the work to start within a couple of weeks after the home has been listed for a sale. After the contractor finishes the work, the seller will file paperwork to get the house sold. There are usually no penalties for hiring a contractor to finish the job.

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Although selling your house as-is might seem like a hassle, there are many advantages. First, if the repairs are not expensive, homeowners can save a lot of money by doing them themselves. Homeowners can also avoid paying for an agent and escrow to complete the repairs.

Many homeowners who sell their home in as-is condition are able to sell their homes for a lower price than what they would pay if they had to fix the problems. This allows them to purchase other nicer homes without having to worry about fixing the ones they cannot sell for value. Unfortunately, many buyers do not care about the state of their homes and do not check the conditions of the properties they are considering buying. This allows these homeowners to walk away from their deals with cash in hand.

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