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Quest Food Management Services and Their Role in Providing Employment Post-Pandemic

At Quest Food Management Services, you can join an organization that’s been ranked as one of the top 50 food management companies in the U.S. The company has earned this honor for five years in a row.


Working at Quest Food Management Services caters to multiple business-oriented industries, collegiate and K-12 education, and conference centers. You can start cooking in the kitchen, working in catering and lunchroom ops, or moving straight into management.


In a post-pandemic world, Quest Food Management Services provides work and career opportunities that you may be looking for.


Hiring Events


The company has in-person and online hiring events for its available positions. Those roles are as follows:

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  • Cooks (some positions offer a sign-on bonus)
  • Kitchen Supervisor
  • Baristas (some locations offer a signing bonus)
  • Cashiers (signing bonus available in some locations)
  • Drivers
  • General food service workers
  • Servers
  • Dishwashers

Virtual and in-person hiring events are available. If you attend an in-person event, recruiters may offer you a job on the spot.


Applicants who prefer to interview separately or outside a hiring event can submit their information online to Careers — Quest Food Management Services (questfms.com).


Health and Wellness Plans


Medical, dental, and prescription drug plans are part of their employee health benefits. So are health savings accounts to help you manage out-of-pocket expenses, life insurance, and a range of disability insurance options.

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Training and Education


You’ll never stop learning and always have room to grow with tuition reimbursement and on-the-job training. The company invests in leadership training, personalized career paths, and virtual educational content like podcasts.


Internships and career paths that focus on leveling up your skills to match your career goals are also available.


Community Programs and Discounts


Looking to make a difference or need additional assistance? You’ll have the chance to participate in company-sponsored volunteer and matching gift programs.


Flexible Work Schedules and Work/Life Balance


These aren’t just buzzwords at Quest Food Management Services. The company believes in giving all employees significant holidays off, school schedule break commitments, and paid sick leave time. Some positions also accrue vacation time.

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All employees also get leave of absence options and bereavement leave.


Rewards and Recognition


Tired of poor communication at work? You’ll have consistent one-on-ones with your direct supervisor and plan out your performance goals here. You’ll get on-the-spot recognition, performance, and service rewards.


Company Values, Vision, and Mission


The company’s values are integrity, responsiveness, accountability, respect, and excellence. Its vision is to develop ongoing industry relationships through quality work.

As a mission, Quest Food Management Services strives to give communities fresh and high-quality nutrition, extraordinary responsiveness, and personalized customer service.




Here’s where you can build a career with Quest Food Management Services:

  • Greater Chicago area
  • Indianapolis
  • Northern IL
  • Detroit
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Career Paths


Like any opportunity, the potential career paths you can take with the company depend on your interest, ambition, skills, and training. Getting your foot in the door is not just an initial step.


If you dream of being a chef or operations manager someday, apply for a cook or food service position. From there, you can work with your supervisor and leadership team to get the training you need to meet your goals.


With the vast number of training opportunities the company provides, you could be gaining valuable on-the-job experience in the kitchen one day and participating in a virtual professional development class the next.

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Want to try your hand at being a barista and then move into an executive chef position? Yes, this is possible with the company. You can always work toward a lateral move or decide to specialize in another area of food service.


Why Quest?


You’re not just prepping and serving food. You’re helping nourish others with fresh, quality nutrition. If making a difference is one of your passions, Quest offers a chance to work with others that approach life the same way.


Two of the company’s core values, respect, and integrity, are what bring some of its leaders back each day. They stick around because these are values that should be prevalent in the working world but, unfortunately, are hard to find.

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Respect means that you’re listed to and valued as an individual. It’s not only about the bottom line here; it’s about serving and partnering with others to make everyone’s circumstances a little bit better.


Quest is willing to partner with you to invest in your professional development while giving you the flexibility you need to care for your present obligations. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in food service or food service management, there is a place for you at Quest.




Careers at Quest Food Management Services are within the foodservice industry. There are many opportunities to come on board as a cook, kitchen specialist, cashier, barista, chef, or driver. Management positions also exist for those with leadership ambitions.

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The company is about serving communities with fresh, high-quality nutrition. Employees have access to an impressive list of benefits, including flexible schedules, insurance, and retirement plans, and opportunities to participate in volunteer work.


As an employee, you’ll also have a chance to work directly with your supervisor. You’ll get weekly feedback, outline your performance goals, and get the training and support you need to reach brand new heights.

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