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Protect your back even in the home office and avoid back pain

Since the corona pandemic, working in a home office has never been more popular. Even after the restrictions due to a risk of infection, many employees would like to continue working in the home office, because this offers some advantages for the employee. But what about ergonomics in the home office and how can you protect your back when working at home, so that it is not permanently damaged by one-sided strain?

Movement in the home office is important

Especially for employees who can work from home, it is easier to integrate short exercise units into the workday than it is possible in the classic office. With a head set, you can walk around your home office even during important phone calls and don’t necessarily have to remain rigidly seated in your office chair. A short walk through the apartment can also ensure that the body is not permanently burdened on one side. A short walk in the fresh air can also provide more movement in the home office during the workday. If you have an acute backache, targeted gymnastic exercises can also help to minimize the acute discomfort.

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Use high-quality office furniture

While entrepreneurs must ensure ergonomics in their offices, employees often forget these requirements for the home office, which are so important to promote health in everyday working life. In this regard, it pays to invest in good, high-quality office furniture that is designed with ergonomics in mind. A good office chair that springs along and can be adjusted to the user’s individual needs is indispensable for anyone who wants to protect their back, even in the home office. By the way, under certain circumstances you can claim part of the investment for the home office equipment on your tax return.

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Also work standing up

Sitting all the time can put a lot of strain on your back. Of course, it is also possible to work standing up at a standing desk. At this desk, the employee not only has more room to move, but also has the opportunity to shift his position more frequently, thus relieving the strain on his body again and again. Those who cannot accommodate a standing desk in their home office should nevertheless try to relocate the workstation within the home again and again and thus give the body, especially the back, the opportunity to use new positions in order not to have to maintain the same movement patterns over and over again.

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Avoid stress

If you think back pain can only be caused by incorrect posture or one-sided movements, you are mistaken. Back pain can also have a psychological origin. Too much stress in the home office, deadlines that are set too tightly or a boss who keeps sending new tasks can also promote back pain. It is therefore important to avoid stress and thus create a pleasant balance between everyday work and private life. The constant stresses of everyday life can make a mild back condition even worse, even though the body is not actually under too much strain.

Create a comfortable working atmosphere

Workers can furnish their home office according to their personal preferences. A neat desk, a comfortable standing desk and soft lighting sources create a pleasant working environment where people feel comfortable and can work just as efficiently. No matter if you can set up a small office at home or even have to use the dining room as a home office, the important thing is to have a comfortable workspace that offers peace and space to do your tasks conscientiously so that you can always get good results from your home office.

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