October 19


Pole Barn Vs Metal Garage: What’s The Difference?


Garages are an extremely beneficial and fascinating addition to commercial or personal properties. It gives you additional space to store your personal belongings or business stock in a safe and secure way.


Pole barn and metal (portable steel) garage are the two most popular garage structure options to choose from. Pole barn garages have been a symbol for most veteran farmers and other business organizations across the country. However, farmers and other small organizations these days prefer metal garage structures over wooden structures because of several reasons.


If you are confused between pole barn and metal garage or want to learn more about them, this article can help in many ways.

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So, before you finalize the services for post-frame constructions in Illinois, refer to this article to discover a suitable option for personal or business purposes.


What is a pole barn garage?


Pole barn garages are the traditional way of building structures without a basement. Pole barn garage structures are popular in agricultural fields as it becomes easy to store livestock. It is also the best option to store heavy-duty vehicles and supplies used for farming purposes. However, pole barn garage structures are not flexible and secure options compared to metal garage structures.


Additionally,  pole barn structures can get easily damaged or worn out during harsh weather conditions, which can also increase the possibilities of some life-threatening situations.

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What is the metal garage?


Metal garage structures are modern-style garages that can be stored easily anywhere around your property. Unlike pole barn garages, a metal portable garage is a pre-built garage with several high-end mechanical features. Depending on the type and size of your metal garage, the mechanical functions can differ from others.


Metal garage offers an appealing and classic feel to your property that can be effortlessly detached. Such garage structures are more durable and strong enough to withstand harsh climate conditions. If you are looking for a more sturdy and flexible option, the metal garage is a suitable option for you.

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Pros and Cons of Pole Barn Garage




  • A cost-effective solution for small or new business organizations.
  • Can be built quickly as it requires less labor force.
  • Easily customizable depending on your business type and livestock.




  • Lacks stability and foundations.
  • Can get easily damaged during harsh climate conditions.
  • Not suitable for big-size industries.
  • Can not be detached from the ground. You might have to rebuild the entire structure to relocate or shift the garage from one place to another.



Pros and Cons of Metal Garage




  • High versatile. You can add electrical and other mechanical features to the garage structure, depending on your needs and requirements.
  • Requires minimum maintenance and repair services.
  • High durability. Metal garage structures can last for several years if taken good care of.
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  • Possibility of rust and corrosion.
  • Depending on state regulations, you might have to seek permission to install metal garage structures on your property.
  • Cheap or low-quality metal garage structures come without basements.



Which option mainly depends on your business or personal needs and requirements. We hope with the above comparison, you will help in choosing the best suitable option for you.

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