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Most popular autonomous vehicle manufacturers in the world

Self-driving car manufacturers are popping up throughout the world. From high-end luxury cars to street-legal cars on the market today, there are many exciting new manufacturers coming to market that you can use to get your hands on top self-driving car subsidies and discounts. Due to the increase in self-driving car manufacturers, the number of jobs in this sector has also increased manifold. Hence if you are a job seeker who has enrolled in an autonomous vehicles course in Mumbai or anywhere else, then it would be beneficial for you to know about your future employers. This article will take a look at some of the most popular autonomous vehicle manufacturers in the world and explain how you can find what you want or need from them.

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  1. Tesla

Tesla is one of the most popular autonomous vehicle manufacturers. The company was founded by Elon Musk, who also founded SpaceX, PayPal, and SolarCity. The company has several different models of cars, all of which are fully autonomous and capable of driving themselves. Tesla is currently developing its own self-driving software and hardware, so it is likely that the company will become one of the leaders in this field.

  1. Zoox

Zoox is an immensely popular company among the students of self-driving cars. Zoox is a startup that wants to create a self-driving car service for people who have mobility issues. The service would allow customers to place an order for a driverless car, which would then drive them around town in an autonomous vehicle. It appears that Zoox will be taking on Uber in this area. Zoox is one of the few companies working on self-driving technology for commercial vehicles, and it has been testing its technology since last year. The startup’s goal is to make autonomous vehicles more accessible for drivers than they are today by making them more affordable and easier to use than traditional cars. Zoox already has partnerships with Uber and Ford but will soon also offer its technology to other automakers.

  1. Embark
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Embark is a self-driving car startup that was founded in 2015 and raised $100 million in its Series C round of funding last year. The company is best known for its white vans that it uses to shuttle passengers around San Francisco, but it’s also developing a fleet of autonomous buses that can transport multiple people.

Embark’s big challenge will be scaling up production of its self-driving vehicles — especially as production costs increase and competition for talent heats up. But the company has plenty of other advantages: It has been working on autonomous technology for more than ten years, which gives it an edge over its competitors; it already has more than 100 employees; and it has been testing its vehicles in real-world scenarios like construction zones, allowing them to learn from those experiences.

  1. Nuro
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Nuro is an autonomous car startup that operates a fleet of autonomous vehicles in the US. Nuro has been working on developing self-driving technology since 2015 and has seen some major successes lately, including the purchase of a $100M research facility to accelerate its development.

Nuro’s most recent project is a partnership with Ford that will see Nuro’s autonomous vehicles deployed on Ford’s campus and throughout Detroit. The partnership also includes an investment of $1B into self-driving technology by Ford. Among the students who are currently studying in an autonomous vehicles course in Pune or anywhere in India, this company could potentially be the highest paying employer. Click here to learn more.

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