September 7


Mexico quake: Powerful earthquake strikes southwest Mexico

When the whole world was sleeping, during that time, Mexico City felt the tremors of a very severe earthquake in Mexico City, think that there is no loss of life, but yes, it is very shocking to not stay in Mexico City to light overnight. In our latest update, read about the earthquake incident of Mexico City and know-how Mexico City felt earthquakes and how much damage?

Mexico City felt the strong earthquake in the southwest on Tuesday night and 7.1 magnitudes as per the source. Earthquakes were in the northern and central parts of Mexico City, including Mexico City, and most of all, there was no electricity in Mexico City during the earthquake. Therefore, residents of Mexico City had to spend the night without electricity.

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The 7.0 magnitude quake struck 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) east-northeast of Los Organos de San Agustin, about eight miles from the Pacific Coast beach resort city of Acapulco, according to the US Geological Survey. It was discovered at a depth of 7.8 miles (12.6 kilometers).

May hear Alarms in Mexico City moments before the ground began to shake.
Residents of Mexico City say they heard the alarm sound before the quake struck, which gave them an idea that an earthquake was coming.

Stopped Metro services immediately after the earthquake, and when everything became normal, then metro service started again.

There were no initial reports of severe damage in the capital, which is around 231 miles (372 kilometers) from the epicenter, according to Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum’s Twitter account. However, according to Sheinbaum, many people had lost power, and authorities were working to restore it. In addition, the city’s metro system announced that train service had resumed following a protocol review prompted by the earthquake.

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No reports of significant damage from the epicenter

Following the tremor, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a tsunami warning, later canceled.
Because of its location on the edge of the North American tectonic plate, earthquakes are widespread in Mexico. Two significant earthquakes shook the country in September 2017, and a magnitude-8.0 quake killed an estimated 9,500 people in and around Mexico City on September 19, 1985. The earthquake left a significant scar on the city, prompting modifications in construction rules and more robust earthquake defenses.
In Guerrero state, where the epicenter is located, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared no “serious damage.”

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While there have been no reports of significant damage from the epicenter, Lopez Obrador stated officials had received reports of falling rocks.
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