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KTM Full Form, KTM Meaning, KTM Stand For

The increase in the growth of motor vehicles over this decade has seen in many emerging brands that manufacturers bikes. Well, when people nowadays are driven more towards the entertainment and adventure lifestyle. It is no surprise why bike companies like KTM make super-fast and cool-looking bikes. Simply because they are designed and developed in a way that attracts the younger crowd. KTM is completely devoted to making sports and adventure sports motorcycles.

Abbreviation of KTM.

Well, the KTM full form is as follows:

When writing the actual meaning of the brand name KTM, It stands for Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen where,

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K- Kronreif,



Where was KTM founded?

History goes long back to a city in the country of Austria, namely Mattighofen. It wasn’t even a proper place to be named as a city, but now it is a full-fledged city with lots of technological advancements. Well, the brand of KTM is founded by Hans Trunkenpolz. He was a great Moto enthusiast. The company was founded predominantly for the design and development of motorcycles. And over time, you can see the success story of youths’ favorite KTM.

Manufacturer of KTM

KTM primarily designs its motorcycle in the company headquarters at Mattighofen, Austria. At the same time, it has many plants for assembly over the globe. Since Bajaj acquired the majority shares of KTM. Bikes are now manufactured alongside the Bajaj automobile lineup in India at the Chakan plant of Pune.

The lower segment models like KTM RC 390, KTM Duke 390, KTM Duke 250, KTM RC 200, KTM RC 125, etc., are primarily made in India as it is mostly designed for the Indian audience. At the same time, the higher segment vehicles of KTM like Duke 790, KTM 1190 RC8 R, and every other vehicle above 500cc are mainly designed and developed in the headquarters of Austria as they need more modern style and facilities. Further, these high-end bikes are more design towards the International market, so to meet the standards, they need to be produced in an ineffective environment.

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Sales and Service

KTM is a really popular brand when it comes to sports bikes. Youths are crazy about the brand name. For 4 years now, KTM has consistently been named the highest-selling bike in Europe. In India, too, there’s a huge demand for motorcycles from the house of KTM.

With the huge number of sales, the company has met its standards by giving proper after-service. This is an overall value for money deal for anyone who is motorcycle enthusiastic and loves sports models. To date, the Duke segment of KTM is the most successful, and it can be somewhat named the best. Service costs of KTM are relatively low and cost much less than other sports vehicles of this range.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of KTM?

KTM AG is known as formerly KTM Sportmotorcycle AG. KTM is an Austrian motorcycle, and sports car manufacturer, and KTM is owned by Pierer Mobility AG and Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto.

Which KTM bike model is best to date?

KTM is a famous whole as a brand, but when speaking of the best, the sales report Duke models performs best in sales.

Is KTM an Indian company now?

Well, this is technically not true. As an Indian manufacturer, Bajaj Automobiles has a 48% equity stake in KTM. In comparison, the parent company of Austria Pierer Mobility AG owns 52%, which makes it the control is on the hands of the parent company headquartered in Austria.

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Who doesn’t love a KTM, right? A recent study shows that more than 60% of people who like naked sports motorcycles chose KTM as their primary choice of motorcycle. The KTM Duke is a very famous model by the house of KTM, and it can be named the best-naked sports motorcycle around the globe. Yes, the hype is real for this model. Though the primary aim is to capture the sports market, KTM also has a stronghold over adventure and adventure sports vehicles. With the recent launch of KTM Adventure 390, the brand made entry to low engine segment adventure motorcycles. KTM is a glory that everyone possesses

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