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KRA Full Form- What is the Full form of KRA?

There is a question in numerous minds that what is the KRA full form. The full form is-

K= Key

R= Result

A= Area

There is another KRA full form, that is K= Key, R= Responsibility, A= Area.

Now let’s explain the entire matter in the following.

Do You Know The Meaning of KRA?

Though the contracted form is too tiny, KRA. But there is a deep meaning that lies in the words. Key Result Area is considerably the job commitment in the private sectors. It is a particular aspect for which an employee of an organization is responsible. A company always sets its KRA to measure the qualitative and quantitative inspection in an employee. It can be developed by setting a certain motive.

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These statistics, facts, associated figures of knowledge will be used as an analysis and inspection tool because it demonstrates the whole accomplishment of that individual. a close objective should be set to expand and stimulate the potency and ability of the organization.

KRA’s Contribution To a Employee’s Job:-

You already have known about the KRA full form. Now we’ll explore the contributions.

  • Firstly, it can elucidate the responsibility and duty of an employee towards their organization.
  • It can assist to align functions according to the policies of a company.
  • For KRA, the employee becomes result-oriented rather than active.
  • KRA learns the employee how to impose the perfect motive. And also help to realize how they will take their actions as per their motive.
  • It also assists to make a virtue added determination.
  • Exploring the self of an individual is the best way. And one can be conscious about the satisfactory movement for themselves.
  • The Key Result Area is the factor that always stays under the control of an individual.
  • As it can enhance the result of an employee. With this, it can boost the development of the business of that organization.
  • It is one of the most valuable outputs.
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What roles can be covered by KRA?

As per the survey, mostly 80% of the work area can be covered by only KRA. Some instances are-

  • Administration department
  • Human Resource Management
  • Monetary department
  • Marketing unit
  • Communication section
  • Information sector
  • Publicity and manufacturing department.

Roles Of KRA in HR Department:-

  • The initial duty is to do schedule and operate interviews to recruit fresh candidates.
  • Arrange training and meetings for the hired employees.
  • Educate the new employees for the sake of the development of the organization.
  • Maintain the procedure of the leave requisition of any employee.


KRA full form or the Key Result Area has a wide range in the workplace. Suppose, if an employee is working in a manufacturing industry as the post of manager. And there is another employee who is working in a technological corporation. The KRA between them is entirely different. As a manager, he has to govern the accounts, budget, every issue of the employees under him. But the other one must focus on productivity.

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