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Know Your Patient – Why Is Privacy Important In Healthcare?

The Healthcare industry is a target of advanced hacks and scams that have compromised the data security of their valuable customers. These fraudulent activities and data breaches have addressed concerning questions such as “why is privacy important in healthcare?”. In order to ensure healthcare information security the use of AI should be enforced worldwide.

Technological advancements have helped all industries immensely. The incorporation of artificial intelligence in the health care sector is the most astonishing advancement that has provided huge benefits. Benefits such as the use of AI in recognizing cardiovascular diseases in patients, and developing a drug through AI to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. Similarly, with the rise in patient identity theft, healthcare sectors have adopted digital ID verification of pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom to prevent prevalent thefts.

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Let’s look at the factors as to why is privacy important in healthcare.

Why is Privacy Important in Healthcare?
There are multiple reasons why is privacy important in healthcare. These can be addressed through numerous perspectives such as maintaining patients’ privacy is respected in all sectors because it is directly linked to maintaining their dignity. Furthermore, data security in healthcare is deemed important to maintain the privacy of individuals’ personal space.

Other than data privacy, the confidentiality of patients’ personal information should be taken care of in the provision of care services. Staff and doctors should equally protect the privacy of their patients to minimize the risk of identity theft and are ethically liable to not give away any information to strangers.

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Nevertheless, the healthcare industry deals with identity theft fraud on a regular basis. When addressing the global question of why is privacy important in healthcare the main answer is because of the laws created to protect patient’s privacy for instance the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In order to meet healthcare privacy and security concerns, numerous organizations have been charged with fines for violation of the policy.

Data security in healthcare
In order to protect fraudsters from taking over the personal identity information of individuals such as name, DOB, identity/security number, or insurance details, many countries have come up with a plan. For instance, digital ID verification for pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom has been incorporated in the National Health Service NHS as a mandatory ID login check.

Patient identity theft is the main reason why is privacy important in healthcare. Fraudsters claim insurance, create fake bills and avail online prescriptions through identity theft and incur financial losses to businesses and patients disturbing workflow.

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Know Your Patient And Its process
Know your patient is the defense mechanism of healthcare sectors to overcome frauds and provide solutions. KYP is the identity verification of patients before treating them or prescribing medicines. Know your patients’ check is the solution to why is privacy important in healthcare.

In order to protect the data and privacy of individuals who access healthcare services, KYP is a primary approach to gathering their necessary information. The process ensures that healthcare facilities and services such as drug prescriptions, reports, insurance claims are all protected from identity thefts and only given to the actual patients.

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KYP process to address the question “why is privacy important in healthcare?”
Breaching of hospital data is the most happening fraud to take over patients’ identities. Why is privacy important in healthcare is directly linked to imposters using sensitive information and getting patients into trouble. In order to eradicate such situations, KYP ensures online identity verification that allows only verified patients getting access to healthcare facilities.

Steps of KYP
1.Individuals are asked to show their identity documents through a selfie or a portable camera
2.They are then asked to click a selfie picture/video to run verification checks
3.AI identity verification technology then utilizes the extracted information to verify documents provided by the patient. The technology further checks the signatures to eliminate any risk of fraud
4.Facial bio metric verification checks are performed to validate the picture with the selfie and the picture is also checked if it is an old one or a newly captured photo. The verification checks ensure that the picture does not have any editing or photos hopped techniques used. It further checks if the patient was wearing 3D masks through in-depth analysis
5.Age verification checks are also run on the patient to allow oriented facilities such as drug prescriptions not available for minors
6.The patient is then either flagged verified or flagged mysterious if any tricks are found associated with the verification documents

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The digital world requires modernized solutions and therefore AI-based KYP solution is the optimum choice to adopt in order to combat rising thefts and frauds. The world requires answers to why is privacy important in healthcare and the prevalent frauds and scams are the answer to those questions along with the solutions to mitigate those threats.

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