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Is shifting from SIM to eSIM really beneficial for the user?

For the last 30 years, if an individual wanted to connect a phone or a similar device to a specific cellular network, then he/she required a physical SIM card. However, in this new era of technology, physical SIMs are now easily replaced by those special embedded and non-removable SIMs or also known as the eSIM for better SIM connectivity.

Those eSIMs are just some blank SIMs that are pre-built into the device that can download plans quickly instead of waiting to get a physical SIM and then also installing it into the phone.

There are multiple opportunities that eSIMs present, such as customizability, instant connectivity, remote provisioning, and some more, that will be able to bring some better SIM connectivity for the users. Today, we will discuss some of the advantages of eSIM to show you that it is a really beneficial option for you.

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How does the eSIM work?

While using a device that is eSIM compatible, you can install an eSIM profile to buy an eSIM data plan while required. Moreover, you can be able to use more than one operator and subscribe at the same time to more than one data plan as per your choice. So, it is really evident that the eSIM is a better choice than the physical SIM for various important reasons regarding better SIM connectivity.

Advantages of eSIMs

  • The main benefit or advantage of using eSIM is that it is very small in size that is smaller than the nano SIMs. This much smaller size not only offers extra room for other important components or the battery, but it also enables the manufacturers to create a much more attractive internet layout as well.
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An eSIM doesn’t require locating near the edge of the phone and also can make waterproofing devices much easier. Also, the manufacturers can easily design the device in a special way as there is no big space needed if you are using an eSIM.

  • You can also get dual SIM capabilities with ease. Through this, you can easily separate both your personal and office numbers.
  • eSIMs are a much more secure choice. The SIM Swaps that are really problematic will become an impossible factor. Moving the number from one device or phone to another can be done digitally, over the cloud. As the carrier is mainly focused on the field of customer security, this is a really better option.
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  • You can use many plans on one device. eSIMs will let you store many profiles and plans as you may require in one device. Thus, you can easily travel or shift between those networks. Meaning you can do the tasks like have separate voice and data plans, or use different SIM while traveling.


  • eSIMs can offer you the special benefit known as instant SIM connectivity.You don’t have to wait for a SIM delivery or also instaling that SIM on your phone. You will easily get a specific plan with just a few taps.

Challenges of using ESIM

There are some challenges of opting for the eSIMs like those that cannot work in the devices that are much older, or the data transferring process becomes much difficult or those can only be used on one phone; still eSIM can give you better SIM connectivity.

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Therefore, using eSIM is a better option than using a physical SIM if you want to enjoy a special experience regarding better SIM connectivity.

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