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Is Google AdX The Best Alternative To Google AdMob?

There is no denying the fact that Google Adx is exponentially growing in popularity among the publishers. The advertising network has long risen above many other monetization platforms, ensuring app publishers more than average revenue.


Google AdMob and Google AdX are two of the most popular publisher and developer monetization platforms. Google AdMob is a mobile advertising network, whereas Google AdX is an ad exchange that accepts both Web and mobile app and game inventories.


Despite both of them having their association to Google AdX has been found dominating at the most those most common choices at numerous intersecting points.

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Publishers must prioritize revenue efficiency over revenue share by locating the single platform that can scale their app revenue.


Continue reading to learn about the comparison between the two platforms in greater detail to assist you in determining which one best meets your monetization needs.

What exactly is Google AdX?

Before comparing the ad network to others, it is critical to first understand what Google Ad Exchange is all about.


In a nutshell, Google AdX  is a well-known ad exchange platform that enables large publishers to sell ad inventory to advertisers and agencies. Unlike other ad networks, the monetization platform allows app publishers to earn more by allowing them to earn more revenue per ad impression and click. AdX, with its simple user interface, brings transparency and efficiency to the exchange by combining auction-based technology and price floors.

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However, there are some restrictions to this monetization network that you should be aware of before applying. Nonetheless, it is still regarded as the best option by many publishers.

Why is Google AdX considered a better monetization platform than others?

Switching to Google AdX is always a good idea for eligible publishers. In other words, this monetization network has the potential to increase your ad revenue as an app publisher beyond what you were earning on other platforms.


The Google AdX marketplace connects you with more advertisers who are interested in bidding on your mobile application. The more people who see your app, the more money you’ll make. Without a brief comparison, it is difficult to determine whether Google AdX is the best marketplace for you.

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Let’s understand things a little deeper by comparing the two famous monetization platforms, Google AdX and Google AdMob.


Google AdX vs Google AdMob

Google AdMob is a popular app monetization network that allows app publishers to earn money through multiple ad networks via open bidding or waterfall mediation.


It has a variety of features, including app installs, in-app purchases, and targeted ads. The network is similar to Google AdX, but there are a few differences that must be considered before taking any significant steps.


Google AdXGoogle AdMob
SetupExtensive process involved.Fairly easy.
Payment model usedFollows CPM payment model.Allows both CPM and CPC payment models.
KnowledgeConsiderable technical knowledge is sufficient for someone to get started.Vast technical knowledge is required as you must choose an ideal ad type and make additional adjustments.
DAU & MAUPublishers must have at least 5 million MAU.No minimum DAU or MAU limit.
Potential earningMore revenue streams.Less revenue streams.
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Why is Google AdX preferred over Google AdMob?

There are various reasons for choosing Google AdX over Google AdMob. However some of them are listed below:


  • Enforcement at the App Level

The very first reason is that AdX only enforces restrictions on an app rather than an entire account. For instance, if an app owner has multiple apps and has created multiple AdMob accounts, all of his accounts will be disapproved and shut down due to duplication.


In addition, only one Google AdX account per publisher is permitted under Ad Manager policies. Nevertheless, rather than disapproving the entire Google AdX account, only the app is disapproved, while other apps listed within the same account are permitted to operate.

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  • Easily manageable 

While Google AdMob is easier to use, monetizing your app with the platform is extremely difficult. Similarly, getting access to Google AdX can be difficult, but it is easier to monitor, offers several upgraded tools to ensure efficiency in monetization, and has a larger network of DSPs.


  • Technical Support

A Certified Google Partner can provide you with all of the assistance you need to manage Google AdX. Even if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you can get all of the professional and technical  support and access to AdX through a Certified Google Partner. Third-party support for Google AdMob, on the other hand, can be difficult to come by.

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Google AdX is a network that removes barriers between publishers and advertisers, providing you with several opportunities to gain revenue. In summary, it may be the finest publisher monetization platform.

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