February 15


Instagram and its importance

Since the launch of Instagram a decade ago, a lot has happened in the industry of social media. The photos-centric network of Instagram has grown from a cult status to be used by over a billion people across the world on a regular basis. Instagram is the perfect opportunity for businesses to stand out from the competition by creating distinctive visual content. It is also an amazing place to promote your e-commerce products.


At least 90% of regular Instagram users actively follow company accounts. Users also claim that they tend to experience less brand weariness on Instagram compared to all the other platforms. If your company has not yet adopted Instagram as a part of that digital marketing plan, your company is missing out on some excellent opportunities.

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Why does your company need Instagram to grow?

Instagram is used by people belonging to all ages and genders. However, it is more popular amongst people who are under the age of 34. Users have said that they spent at least 53 minutes on a daily basis on Instagram, which is slightly less compared to Facebook’s 58 minutes. The platform’s popularity is also increasing on a daily basis. Currently, Instagram has over 1 billion population using it regularly. The expected rise is estimated at 125.5 million users by 2023 in the nation of the United States alone.


If you have not started your company’s Instagram profile yet, now is the time to start. However, the question arises here of how to get more followers? If you are planning to start your company’s business, you will need a substantial number of followers. An account with 100 or 200 followers does not establish a brand identity in the minds of the audience. Therefore, you need at least 5000 – 10,000 followers to boost brand awareness. Thus, you should focus on purchasing followers.

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You must purchase followers only from legitimate sites. If you purchase followers from an illegitimate site, there is a chance that you will receive bots as your followers and not active human users. The problem with this case scenario would be that Instagram will remove the board population once it is detected. Instagram also reserves the right to suspend your account for suspicious activity. Thus, even without making a mistake on your part, you may get the account suspended.


Therefore, when you are looking into where to buy followers online, you should look at sites like Famoid, which provides active and real Instagram followers. Famoid provides those followers who are interested in your niche. Therefore, the chances of such an audience interacting with your post increases.

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Aside from purchasing followers, you should also focus on growing organically. Purchasing followers can only get you to a certain level. Beyond that, you have to push yourself higher on the basis of your own caliber. You must focus on posting at least one post on an everyday basis. Instagram is a very visually different platform. Thus, your post must be of top-notch quality. Focus on solving the problems of your clients. Engage with other people who belong to the same –. Leave comments on others’ posts. If you have valuable suggestions, share them with your audience. This way, the audience will know that you have a good amount of knowledge regarding the product or services. This increases your chances of getting followed by more people.

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Aside from consistent posting, you must focus on hashtags. Instagram uses hashtags to determine the value of your post. Thus, always use hashtags that are relevant to the content that you post and your niche. Click here for more great articles.


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