March 25


Ideas to set up an Effective Study Space at Home


Are you someone who likes to take classes online? Have you been working from home? Do you like to have your own space to increase your knowledge or find yourself indulged in doing your projects? We have a place for cooking, relaxing, entertainment and for rest in our homes. However,  when it comes to personal study time or accomplishing office tasks from home, we compromise study and work either in the bedroom or in the living room.

The area that you choose to complete your work may not be comfortable or may be distracting. Focussing on your work and being productive could be challenging and can feel like an uphill battle. But you don’t have to settle down with it, rather create your productive work or study environment that will help you tackle your assignments with ease and comfort. Check out the amazing study table design and pick the one which will suit your space and fulfill your needs.

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Suggestions to set up a Study Space at Home

It can be very easy to be carried away by what’s happening around us. Especially when you have to study or submit your project, you can get distracted often by the things surrounding them. That’s where the need to set up a place dedicated especially to the study, where you can work or complete your assignments by staying focused and therefore, increase your productivity.

Create a Distractions-free space – Different people have different preferences while doing their work or study. Some can focus in a noisy environment like a coffee shop. But some people need a quiet and calm space such as a library. It is not always convenient to go out of the house to have your study time so why not establish a space inside your home where you can be away from distractions and operate accordingly?

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Select a non-traffic space such as an attic nook, kitchen table, or a part of the bedroom or living room away from all the distracting elements like TV, smartphones, social media accounts etc.

Set up Shelving – Books and other accessories like pens, pencils, and other stationery can be organised in a book rack near the study space. This will keep the space tidy and well-organised. This can help in minimizing clutter to a great extent which further helps in keeping you away from distractions. Surrounding yourself with books also creates an environment filled with positivity. Make sure that all the materials you need while studying are near you and everything is labelled clearly so that you don’t have to get up again and again from your place in search of those accessories.

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Get Enough Lighting – We all are aware that lighting can either make or break the entire space. Lack of proper lighting can lead to a lack of concentration during the study. It is always a wise idea to set up the study space near a space that gets maximum natural light. This will bring warmth and vitality to the room and can increase the productivity of the space. Always ensure that the area has plenty of light so that your eyes don’t get tired and strained. Use table lamps for study which will focus only on the needed area making your study time convenient for you.

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Make it Comfortable – No matter your efforts for your study or work, if you are not comfortable you cannot accomplish your task on time and get the best out of it. So ensure that your sitting posture is neutral. Pick up a chair that properly supports your back and improves your mood without compromising your health.

The study involves discipline and dedication but along with these when it is coupled with proper study space, that will inculcate good study habits and reinforce better focus and performance.





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