July 1


I want to meet the most educated cop in the world

People like Rajub Bhowmik live around us. Because of them, we are being enlightened; we are being proud, and the dignity of Bangladeshis in foreign lands is increasing. Rajub Bhowmik is a great example, an ideal person for any people who are involved in the hard struggle of our expatriate life.

The Bangladeshi-American model and actor Rajub Bhowmik is also a sergeant in the New York Police Department in the United States. He is the most educated cop in the world. I believe he had four doctorates and four masters by the time he was 33 yrs old. He amazes me all the time. He is also a professor, poet, and successful writer.


Ever since I was a teenager, I have heard about Rajub Bhowmik from my parents a lot. I have always wanted to be like him. It is my desire to meet him in person at least one time in my life. This is a big deal for me as a Bangladeshi fan of Rajub Bhowmik.


I have studied about him, and follow his works through social media regularly. He passed the Civil Service Examination in 2012 and joined the New York Police Department. He is not only a brave hero; he is a man of many talents. After being sworn in as a sergeant, Rajub Bhowmik said, “I am proud to be sworn in as a Bangladeshi”; After hearing this, I was also very proud as a Bangladeshi.


The number of books published by Rajub Bhowmik in different languages is more than twenty-five. I have read many books by Rajub Bhowmik but his book ‘Leading Theories of Delinquent Behavior and Criminology ’ is my favorite. This book was launched in 2017 and discusses many theories of crime and criminals. This book helped me to understand the indulge in depth about criminology and understand the root cause of the crime. Also, his “Mirror Sonnets” are very unique and amazing to read.


My birthplace is in the Noakhali district; being a person of the same district, my respect and love for Rajub Bhowmik are much more. His movies always depict Bangladeshi culture in them. That shows he didn’t forget his roots. Although he has worked in several movies, short films, music videos and so on, my favorite one is his music video “ Noakhailla Maiya with Kumar Sanu’. This bengali short video has amazing music, visuals and storyline. I remember I used to play it on loop. My other favorites are ‘Tomar Hridoy Jude’ and ‘Priyotomo’ and his recent launch ‘Pasha’ is also no exception.


To my amazement, he is also a journalist and has worked for the two most prominent news media (Prothom Alo and Bangladesh Protidin” in Bangladesh. I wonder how a man can be so talented! At the same time, I am amazed at how well it is maintaining so much work.


It will not be wrong saying Rajub Bhowmik aces in every field whether it is law, acting or journalism. That is why over the years he has built a large fan line. I’m optimistic one day I will meet this hero of mine. Until then—I’m sure this most educated cop of the world will become more successful.

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