October 12


How to Take Care Of Your Sofa: 6 Tips

If you are looking for something classy yet comfortable for the corner of your living room, Sofas are tremendous and the most comfortable thing that can brighten up your drawing room. There are different types of sofas you can choose from depending on your space and liking, but maintaining a sofa is a bit tricky, but you can do it with just some simple tips and tricks that we’ll share with you guys. So without wasting any more time, let’s kick start with our topic.


Investing in a sofa should be a thoughtful decision as you won’t be buying it again and again.

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So to keep it going and to maintain the sofas, you need to take good care of them. Unfortunately, a sofa has no typical lifespan, as it all depends on how well you take care of it. For that, follow these tips and tricks that’ll keep you covered.


Tips to take care of your sofa


  • Weekly vacuuming your sofa is important to keep it neat and clean. Don’t use the same old vacuum adapter as your floor on your sofa as well. Instead, use a small head adapter brush or crevice tool on your sofa. Don’t forget to check the sofa beforehand if you have left any small items on the side of the sofa.
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  • Changing the sofa cover once a week or twice a week is similarly important. If you think of getting yourself a great sofa from any renowned company, like the wonderful collection at https://www.homemakersfurniture.com.au/, you definitely want to take full care of it.

No matter how much you clean the sofa bed with a vacuum cleaner, the cover collects dust and dirt eventually with time. Changing the cover once a week or even once in 2 weeks is a great idea. Make sure you use dark colors as your covers instead of light colors.


  • Keep away from the sunlight if your sofa is not sunproof. You need to keep in mind that not all sofas are sunproof. You cannot shift your sofa often cause it’s not a chair, of course. It’s heavy. In that case, place your sofa away from sunlight so that it doesn’t fade because of sunlight. If your sofa is of leather, you must keep it away from the heater or any heat-radiating spot.
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  • If your sofa encounters a spillage, you must know that your time is precious. Do not leave the spot unattended, and try this quick fix too. Make sure you immediately grab your cleaning liquid and a washcloth. Do not scrub it roughly, or you’ll ruin the fabric of your sofa. Now all you need to do is gently wash the area with water and detergent and rub off the excess soap with a towel or a tissue. Seek professional cleaning if the stain is stubborn and deep.


  • Your sofa set does come with its own care tag or a cautionary tag that mentions the guidelines properly for how to take care of your sofa. Go through the instructions properly so that you don’t go against the rules and end up messing with your sofa set.
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  • Avoid keeping any kind of sharp things on your sofa, whether it’s knives, scissors, or razors. Prevention is better than cure, as it can ruin your sofa set completely. Don’t let your cat/dog get on your sofa often, as they tend to scratch things that can ruin your sofa. Teach the kids not to jump or hop on your sofa set as well.


  • It is best to invest in a slipcover as you may spill drinks, or your guests may spill drinks while partying, or your kids can. Investing in a slipcover is smarter than worrying about your sofa all the time. This step is crucial, especially if you have a light-colored sofa.
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Final Thoughts

Taking care of your sofa requires efficient looking after, which can be possible with the smart tips we’ve spoken of above. Go through them meticulously, and we’re sure you will always keep them in top-notch condition.

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