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How to Take Care of Your Mattress: 8 Tips!

A mattress is a long-time investment, but if you don’t take proper care of it, it might not give you the best return. To help you, here is a list of 8 tips that will give you an idea about how to make your mattress last longer.


  1. Provide proper support to your mattress


Once you’ve made your purchase, your next job is to ensure whether your mattress has proper support or not. If the answer is no, there is a high chance that your mattress will be damaged in a shorter period than expected.


Various types of mattresses are available in the market, and each requires different kinds of support. For example, box springs are the main support system for spring mattresses, while solid support is needed for memory foam mattresses. If you have a frame-designed bed, check if it supports the weight of the slipper and the mattress.

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For king and queen beds, center support bars are mandatory to hold up the mattress. In case you own a platform bed, it might need extra assistance depending on the mattress type and your weight. Examine the bed support every year and call the company immediately if you notice any broken salts or springs.


Recently, Copper Hybrid mattresses from Zinus have been very much in trend; they come with a 10 years warranty, the mattress quality is God-level, and it requires minimum maintenance.


  1. Rotate your mattress now and then


If you don’t rotate your mattress, it will either start sagging or develop permanent indentation where you sleep. Regular rotation will evenly break the sleeping surface, and the entire mattress will be smooth.

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The rotation cycle depends on the type of mattress. For example, an old innerspring mattress requires rotation within three to six months, while foam, latex, and new innerspring mattresses should be rotated yearly.


Some mattresses, like the oldest innerspring mattresses, don’t need rotation. This is because these mattresses have a symmetrical design and minimal comfort layers. It means they will not get sagged even if you sleep on a specific side daily.


  1. Always use a mattress protector


Sadly, only a few people use mattress protectors, and it causes a lot of harm to the mattresses of people who don’t. So, you should start using it as soon as possible.

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The protector helps to extend the life of your mattress by creating a barrier between the bed and sweat, moisture, dead skin cells, bacteria, spills, etc.


Not only that, but cleaning is also easy in case of accidental spilling or leakage. While buying the protector, make sure it is waterproof.


  1. Wash the bed sheet every two weeks


If you think that using a mattress protector can get away with regular cleaning, you are wrong. Even with the protector, you should clean your bed linens every two weeks to eliminate the deposited sweat, oils, hair, bacteria, dust, etc.


  1. Buy a quality mattress base (If necessary)
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Though every mattress is suitable for every base, you should buy a new one in some cases. Like if the gap of the slatted base is 8cm, the castors are wobbly, the cardboard is not fixated to the base, or the drawers get stuck frequently. Otherwise, you don’t need to buy one.


  1. Arrange a separate bed for your pet


If your furry friend loves to snuggle with you on your bed, keeping them away from the mattress is best.


This is because they shed more hair than you, and they might accidentally end up pooping or peeing on it. So, for the sake of your mattress, arrange a separate bed for your four-legged baby.

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  1. Do not jump on your bed


Do you remember the days you got punished for jumping on the bed? Well, once again, your mother was right, as jumping on the bed damages the mattresses severely and escalates the wearing-down process.


  1. Be careful while moving the mattress


While moving the mattress from one place to another, always use a plastic wrapper and do not bend or fold it. Check if the box store is carrying your mattress using a heavy and secured mattress bag to protect it from dirt and scratches.


Over to you…


Now that you know all the tips for taking care of your mattress, start applying. Further, if all this feels like a task, you can search for professional mattress cleaners nearby.

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