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How To Increase E-commerce Sales By 200%

If you run an online e-commerce store and want to increase your sales and conversion to the level of awesomeness, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll tell you 23 secrets that will help you in increasing the sales of your online e-commerce store.

High-quality product images

One of the most important factors that will impact your e-commerce conversion rate is the image of products. Yes, you can run a e-commerce store without writing product description, but you can’t do the same without product images.

People what to see what are paying for and how does the actual product look like. That’s why one of the secret techniques of increasing your e-commerce sales is to include highly product images.

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Try to showcase the product from various angles. Front, back, left right and many more. If possible, give a 360-degree view of the product. Additionally, you should also focus on uploading HD quality images.

By this, visitors will come to know how does product will look when they buy it.

Another great technique is to include product images with the actual customers using them.

Write great product description and copy

Next to the product image, product description is another important thing that you need to focus on. The aim of the product description is to give maximum information about the product to the visitors so they decide whether to buy a product or not. ould not be to sales nor you should bring too much about your product. You can highlight key details such as benefits, features, manufacturer, colour, material, size, model no and so on.

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Apart from this, it is also important for you to include your targeted keywords in your product copy.

For example;

You are running an online T-shirt store. Then follow can be the best product description for you.

  1. Buy T-shirts online
  2. Printed T-shirts online
  3. Tshirts for men
  4. Buy this for women.
  5. And so much more.

How long should be your product description?

There is no hard and fast rule for writing product copies. It depends upon product to product. In my personal opinion, you should try to give as much information as possible.

Upload product videos

Did you know?

Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%. Yes, video content works well as compared to image and textual content. And this is also true when it comes to increasing e-commerce sales and conversion.

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By having a product video in your store, you can surely see a positive impact on your sales and conversion.

In product videos, you can showcase how does the actual product look like. How you use it what are its benefits and features and you can also give a 360-degree view of the product.

Apart from this, you can also include a video of an actual customer using your product.

Give options option

Do you think a visitor will land on your site look at the product and buy it immediately?

Of course, not. In fact, this can happen once a blue moon when customers are specifically looking for a certain product they see on your site. Or else, there is hardly any chance of buying a product in the first go

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That’s why you need to give multiple options to your customers.

More options will help customers in exploring more products according to their needs and preference. This will also increase the dwell time of your site and customer may purchase something if they like.

Free shipping option

The next in this list of 25 tips to increase e-commerce sales is free shipping. Free shipping works like charm. 9 of 10 customers say that free shipping is the number one incentive to shop online.

In fact, 61% of consumers are likely to cancel their purchase if they don’t get free shipping.

Hence, it is of utmost importance for you to offer free shipping to your customers if you want to increase your sales and conversion.

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Today, most e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and  Myntra offer free shipping to their customers. However, there are certain terms and conditions associated with it.

Sales and discounts

Why does not like discounts?

Of course, everyone does. 93% of shoppers use discounts or coup codes to shop throughout the year. Also, you can sell 73% more if you offer a sale, discount or offer to your customers.

Shoppers are highly inclined towards sales and discounts. It induces them you buy more products and shop more.

For example;


If you sell a T-shirt for $100 then hardly anyone buys it. But if you offer the same T-shirt for 50% discount then people may buy it. They might think that they are getting a $100 T-shirt at $50 which might seems to be a great offer for them.

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You might also think of creating a dedicated sales page for the products running under discounts and offers.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment means a visitor lands on your site, adds a product to his cart but does not purchase it at the end. Currently, the cart abandonment rate in the retail, fashion, airlines and travel industry is the highest.

There can be multiple reasons for having a high shopping cart abandonment rate. The poor payment process, slow web-page loading speed, the issue with shipping and other technical issues.


So what can brands do to reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate?

  • Help customers with product research: 
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Most of the customers will not purchase your product in the first go. They’ll actively do product research. Hence, you can provide all the relevant information about your product so that it can help customers in their research process.

  • Shipping, returns and payment options:

Offer free shipping and a 30-days return policy to all your customers. Also, give them multiple payment options like ATM, credit, debit card and cash on delivery.

  • Re-marketing:

Start running remarketing campaigns on Google ads on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Improve your site speed: 

Site speed is the utmost important factor. A poor website speed is one of the most awful experiences that customers face. In fact, Amazon did research on their site speed and found that a one-second delay in website loading speed could cost them a loss of $1.6 billion.

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So, if you want to increase your e-commerce sales then improve your site speed.

Include a wishlist

You visited online e-commerce and really liked one shirt but you don’t have enough cash to buy immediately. What will you do in this situation?

Of course, you’ll add that product to your wishlist and buy it later when you have the cash. Unlike other techniques, a product wishlist is also an important factor that helps users to buy a product in future.

This will not only help the users but business owners alike. Suppose, a particular product is out-of-stock then a visitor can wishlist that product and expect to buy it when stock is available.

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By offering a wishlist, you can also give a chance to your audience to remember the product they are interested in. Moreover, wishlist will also help you in keeping an eye on what your customers want.

Show contact info

In case your customers are having any doubt or queries with regards to a product then whom should they contact?

That’s why you should disclose your contact and customer care information on your e-commerce store.

This will help you in winning over the trust of your customers and also you can solve their doubts and query. Create a dedicated page for your contact information. You can also think of including a chatbot that may interact with visitors 24*7.

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Give shopping credits

If you want to retain your customers for a long period of time then start giving them shopping credits. Shopping credits works like charm and it induces your existing customers to buy more from your site.

This will not only help you in increasing the conversion rate but also in winning over the trust of your customers. Your customers may feel very special and top-of-the world when they are offered certain incentives or reward points.

Highlight your key USPs

When will I get my order? Is the product good quality? Is the payment process safe?


These are the most common questions that come in the mind of customers when they are shopping online. Hence, you need to make a list of such questions and answer them by highlight the USPs of your brand.

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This will increase the credibility and authenticity of your brand and customers will not hesitate to shop on your store.

You should also give them assurance that your payment is safe and secure as well as keep the customer’s data safe. Include all these things in your privacy policy.

Give various payment options

Payment is one of the most important aspects when it comes to increasing e-commerce sales and conversion. Online shoppers are always sceptical about making payments online.


Hence, it is your responsibility to give your customers safe and secure payment options

Not only this, but you should also offer multiple payment options to your visitors. It might be possible that some of the visitors who want to buy your product might not be having credit or debit cards. Hence, you must also include the cash on delivery option on your site.

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This will surely have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

Highlight your USPs

I am pretty much sure that presenting USPs on a website is not on your top to-do list. If yes, then you are surely going to lose some sales and conversion. When a visitor lands on your e-commerce store they know that you are selling products.

But how are your products different from others?

What extra value are you providing to your customers?

This is where USPs come into play. By highlighting the USPs on your site, you can tell costumes how your products are apart from others and why they should buy from your site.

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The best place to highlight the USPs is on the right side of each product. This is the highly visible section and users can see your USPs easily.

Easy navigation


When it comes to increasing e-commerce sales and conversion, how we forget about website navigation and categories. Transparent and easy navigation will act as a map to your users and will help them in discovering the products they are looking for.

If someone lands on your site and does not find the product they are looking for then they’ll simply leave your site.


Hence, the website should be on your to-do list.

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Create categories, subcategories and sub (sub) categories if possible.

For example, if you are selling best pontoon boats, then sub caterigoes can be fishing pontoon boats, tandem pontoon boats and mini pontoon boats.

Give amazing filters options

You might think filers are not important. However, this is not the case. It is said that the more choice you give to the customers then it becomes difficult to choose.

So, you can solve this problem by adding a filtering option to your e-commerce store.

Give 3-4 filter options like brand, colour, price, discount rage and so on.

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