October 12


How to Choose the Right Bathroom Taps: 5 Easy Tips

Tapware comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Other than that, every place has it’s kind of taps. For example, the kitchen tap will not be suitable for the bathroom.


So, if you’re looking for washroom taps, read this article. The list contains 5 tips to help you pick the perfect tap for your bathroom.


1. Understand the water pressure


Every household has different water pressure. So while buying a tap for your bathroom, you should have an idea about the household’s water system. Generally, a gravity-fed system has lower water pressure, and a boiler system has medium-high water pressure.


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Floor-standing, wall-mounted, and single-lever mixers need high water pressure to work perfectly, whereas two handles taps do a nice job with low water pressure. The water flow will significantly reduce if you mix up a high-pressure tap in a low-pressure system.


But in the opposite scenario, the water flow will be normal.


2. Identify the tap style you want


Taps are an important element in determining the overall look of your bathroom. There are two kinds of tapware – traditional and modern.


If you want a classy old ambiance in your washroom, pick the traditional one. These come with knobs, crosshead handles, and ceramic inserts. You can pair it with pillar basins and classy-styled bathtubs.

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In case your bathroom design is all things modern, buy waterfall spouts. The trending modern tap designs are sharp square style and rounded style, like the Base MK2 Sink Mixer tap from Reece Bathrooms, bringing a new edge to the whole interior.


The material is excellent and goes perfectly with my modern designed washroom. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.


3. Find how many tap holes you have in your basins, bathtubs, and bidets


The tap must match the holes in the basins, bathtubs, or bidets. So, check how many holes each of them has and purchase accordingly. Mainly, taps come with one tap hole, two tap holes, and three tap holes.

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Most acrylic bathtubs don’t have tap holes in them. Instead, you can ask the installer to drill them for you. But stone, resin, steel, and cast-iron bathtubs generally have pre-drilled holes in them.


You have to check the manual to find out what’s already present. If there are zero holes, you must install the wall-mounted tap. Bidets taps normally have one tap hole. Traditional basins come with two holes, wherein the modern one has one tap hole that supports the mono mixer tap.


4. Pick the perfect color that compliments your bathroom design


Colors often play a major role in helping determine your bathroom design. Shades available for the tapware are chrome, gold, and nickel.

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Chrome is the most common tapware choice as chrome-plated taps are corrosion and scratch-proof. They have a shiny look and provide a contemporary ambiance in your bathroom. Plus, chrome taps are easy to clean.


Gold-finished tapware should be your first choice if you have a period-style bathroom. You can select either antique gold or chrome gold. The first one has a matt finish while the latter one is glossier.

If you want to replace the old gold tap, always take it with you when you go shopping. Otherwise, you can easily mistake it for the new darker gold.


The finishing of nickel tapware gives your bathroom a luxurious look. This one is the most expensive on the list, but it is also more durable and strong than all the others.

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Taps are an important element in determining the overall look of your bathroom renovations. There are two kinds of tapware – traditional and modern.

5. Decide on the material


In the market, you will find two kinds of material. One is solid brass, and the other one is a ceramic disc.

Solid brass is resistant to corrosion. High-end companies sell authentic brass, wherein mediocre or small ones use recycled brass for the tap. As the expensive solid brass doesn’t contain impurities, you will not find the weird taste in the water like the regular one.


Ceramic discs are the most durable material as they are more hardwearing and tough than normal rubber washers.

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Over to you…


Now that you know all the tips for buying the right bathroom taps, you can begin the shopping. First, ensure you are investing in good-quality tapware, even if it is a bit expensive because it will ultimately save you from repair expenses.

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