October 12


How to Appreciate Your Employees: 12 Unique Ways

Employees are the heart of your organization, and you must appreciate their hard work frequently as an entrepreneur. But, if you don’t know how to do that, here are some ways to guide you.


1. Use the Corporate gamification system in your office


This system allows each employee to choose a task and receive points upon completion. They can collect these points at a corporate rewards portal and use them for extra leave, work-from-home, or gift vouchers.


Since this gives the employees the freedom to avail their prize, it will act as an extra motivation to work.


2. Celebrate the birthday of your employees


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If your staff is spending his or her birthday at the office, then you must make sure they at least cut a cake on campus. If you’re willing to take a step ahead, you can decorate their cabin or work desk.


If possible, gift the employee an off day and some self-care coupons. This is a great way to show your admiration for their hard work.


3. Arrange food during meetings


Food makes everyone happy. During meetings, the stress level heightens, and a healthy fest is a great way to help your team cope with it.


It will also strengthen the interpersonal relationships among employees as food often makes for a healthy conversation.

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4. Acknowledge each employee at the beginning of a meeting


To make the meeting more productive, you must start it on a positive note. Highlight the achievement of your team and say a few good words about them. This shows that you are proud of your employees and are thankful for their contributions.


This is a great activity for the company’s branding and employee satisfaction.


5. Express your gratification on the social media platform


Post something that highlights their contribution to your organization with a photo on your social media page. You can even include interesting facts about that person for a more personalized approach.

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Further, make sure to wish them publicly on their birthdays or anniversaries.


6. Encourage your employees to recognize the efforts of their colleagues


This is the easiest way to identify any rifts in the team. Arrange a 30 minutes break where employees have to share positive things about other employees so that everyone knows their contribution. And in the end, thank them for their rigorous effort.


7. Give them a fitness incentive


The most effective way to say that you care is encouraging them to be fit. Set a fitness goal in your organization and award the ones who achieve it. If you want to walk the extra mile, make your office fitness-friendly by investing in standing tables, a gym area, etc.

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You can also offer one-year gym membership to a few. Remember, a fit employee is always more focused and productive than an unfit employee.


8. Surprise your employee with a handwritten letter


Anything that requires effort shows your care. Write a letter for your employee when they achieve something and then mail it. Your employee will be surprised to get this and will value your effort for this.


9. Run a survey


Ask your employees what they would like as a prize and how you can improve the working environment and keep it anonymous so that no one fears saying something. Then, read the answers aloud and pick a few that will be effective immediately.

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10. Use cash for the prize


Money is the ultimate motivation. Your employees will love to win a bonus at the end of the year. You can set a target and a monetary prize for it. The condition can be whoever finishes the target first will get the prize.


Your employees will give everything to achieve the target, and your company will also meet the desired goal.


11. Showcases your employees’ work on the wall of fame


Use one of your company’s walls as the wall of fame and share images of the employees who did great work in the past month. Make sure no one feels derailed in the team, or it may have negative impacts.

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12. Gift him/her a personalized gift


There’s just a one-word difference between a gift and a personalized gift, which makes all the difference to the receiver. The latter shows the time, effort, and thought you’ve put into it – and let’s accept it, everyone loves being loved!


There are many personalized gifts, like photo frames, coffee mugs, pillows, etc. Pick any of them, add a little note, and deliver them to your employee’s address. Of course, you can also look for and buy unique gifts online – but make sure to add the touch of personalization!


Over to you…


Now that you know all the ways, you can start recognizing your employee’s efforts. Remember, whatever you do, put all your heart into it – because that’s what your team needs more than anything.

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