September 26


How Muay Thai develop self-defense    

A holiday is a moment when you get to spend quality time with your loved ones. Even the sole traveler tries to explore themselves. A journey is going to bring more joy and happiness to your life. Thus, you should be prepared to make each passing second worth remembering.

Thailand is an island where you experience a wide variety of wildlife and a culturally rich society. The people of Thailand transcend the ancient old practices when a tourist comes for a vacation. The vibrant surroundings with the breathtaking view will encourage you to stay under the blue sky and refreshing sea water.

Besides that, you have been allowed to participate in ancient martial art training called “Muay Thai.” It’s a sport that is played in the ancient culture of Thailand. The warrior of Thailand used to learn Muay Thai to defeat their enemies in one-on-one fights. Muay Thai training has helped the warrior to face complex challenges and beat the competition with physical and mental development.

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Muay Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand. Many tourists come to Thailand only to learn Muay Thai from the experts. When you decide to go to Thailand for a holiday, you should join the Muay Thai camp to learn the popular martial art.

How Muay Thai improves health?

There are several benefits of playing Muay Thai sports on health development. People of Thailand have already discovered the benefits, which is why they have adopted these sports as their routine.


When it comes to overall fitness development, there is no other better sport than Muay Thai. Muay Thai allows you to improve your physical as well as mental health. As you can see, enthusiastic fitness people are more convinced with the result.

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Training is conducted in a manner where you will develop complete control of your actions. Your hands, legs, and brain will sync together during the fight. Every move you take will focus on the goal and produce the expected outcome.

Weight loss

Obese people can join Muay Thai sports to reduce their weight naturally. Reducing weight will be reduced by cutting down the excess amount of calories. While spending time on the beautiful beaches, you can enjoy trimming your calories. What is better than coming out a healthy person from your holiday?

Self-defense skill

Develop self-defense skills that put you in the lead in every physical fight. Muay Thai warrior at Suwit Muay Thai uses both hands and legs in the fight, giving an edge over the opponent. You will hit back intensely even before the opponent decides his move. Once you learn Muay Thai, you can defeat any person without needing to develop anger or put more stress on the body.

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Make this holiday season more exciting by participating in Muay Thai training. Weight loss, physical health development, beautiful beaches, and relaxing weekend movement all at once to experience during the Thailand holiday. You will also get the discount package from the Muay Thai Camp during the holidays, hence, check for the available dates and book your slot in advance to save money on the program.


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