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You will undoubtedly come across an iTop screen recorder if you search for user-friendly Windows PC screen recording software. The program’s interface is so simple to use that even those with no expertise in recording their screen may do so with ease. iTop Recorder is a multifunctional program that allows you to record your desktop, video games, and even your voice. Not only can you record what you see on the screen, but also on your webcam.


The screen capture tool is exclusive to Windows PCs. It has a free screen recorder that allows you to do anything you’d need to do in terms of recording. However, a watermark is added to the free version unless you upgrade to the Pro version. However, the question that needs answering is how reliable iTop’s recording capabilities are. Or, “Should I invest in something more advanced?” If you want to learn more about the iTop screen recorder, check out our review.

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Critical Functions of the itop Recorder


The choices available in iTop Recorder make it a versatile screen recording tool. The most important aspects of the screen recorder are outlined here.


Record Screen allows you to capture your screen in excellent quality without delays. You can adjust the recording area from the entire screen to a small region or window. Additionally, screenshots can be taken as needed. This program can record video in full 1080p resolution at 120 frames per second.


You can record audio alone, which is excellent for things like voiceovers, recording songs, or recording the sounds of musical instruments. It’s possible to record just the system audio, which is ideal for making podcasts and audiobooks.

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Add video effects, stickers, and photos from your computer with the built-in video editor on the iTop Recorder. Subtitles and music can be included in your video. You can make edits to the video before exporting it to your computer.


Easy meeting recording in Zoom


With iTop Screen Recorder, it’s simple to capture your Zoom meetings. Imagine you could secretly record a Zoom meeting without informing anyone. If you use a computer running Windows 10, you’ll find this to be very interesting. Everything you see on your screen, be it a game, a live stream, a meeting, or anything else, may be recorded effortlessly. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can capture your next Zoom conference effortlessly or create a quick clip on your computer.

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How to record a zoom meeting


  1. Get on a Zoom call and start up the iTop Screen Recorder.
  2. Determine which area of the screen you want to capture. Do you want everyone to see everything in a Zoom meeting or only a specific section of it?
  3. To begin recording a zoom meeting or creating a clip on a Windows PC, just hit F9 or select the REC button.
  4. If you’re finished recording, press the red square button. Keep the clip for later.
  5. If unsatisfied with the final video, you can change it using the editing tools.


 Potential Benefits and Drawbacks


The meat of this iTop screen recorder review is here, so let’s get to it. To make an informed decision, you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each screen recorder. The advantages and disadvantages of the iTop Recorder are listed below.

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  • Capture everything that happens on the screen and in the game, including sound.
  • The capture window can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Video can be edited, and effects like filters and overlays can be added.
  • There are a variety of shortcuts and output formats to choose from.
  • Record webcam footage and take screenshots.


It’s a Windows-only app.




How likely would I suggest iTop Screen Recorder to a friend? Yes! Despite being a new and cheap app, iTop Screen Recorder has fantastic features that will provide you with a tremendous screen recording experience, regardless of whether you choose the free or premium version.

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