August 25


First American Home Warranty: A Complete Guide

It will be easy to understand the important benefits of the First American home warranty when you compare the benefits and coverage of the home warranty plans with other home warranty plans. There is no need for negotiation in case of the fees of the particular plan.

First American home warranty covers almost every expensive electrical appliance of your home. However, the broken and misused appliances cannot be covered by this plan at all. Besides, this particular plan is way much cheaper than any other home warranty plan for sure.

According to your requirements, you can choose any of the plans from a number of choices from the First American home warranty. By simply visiting the official website, you can buy an appropriate plan for yourself.

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You need to fill in your personal details through the online portal of the First American home warranty. Apart from this, some of the particular plans can help the buyers and the sellers as well. The homeowners are not going to gain any advantages of their own.

The coverage limit of First American home warranty

To select a proper home warranty plan from the First American Home Warranty you need to go through the coverage list of that particular plan carefully. Mainly, there are two most important plans that are popular among most people around the world. One is the Basic plan, and the other one is the Premier plan. The coverage limits for both of the plans are different.

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The coverage limit of First American home warranty: Basic plan

● Exhaust fan
● Ceiling fan
● Dishwasher
● Refrigerator
● Microwave
● Kitchen oven
● Room heater
● Water dispenser
● Washing machines
● Trash dispenser

The coverage limit of First American home warranty: Premium plan

Apart from all the above-mentioned appliances, the premium plan uses to come with more facilities.

● Ductwork
● Door opener of the garage
● In-built microwave
● Air conditioner
● Plumbing items
● Water heater
● Toilet tanks
● Bathtub
● Aircon

Disadvantages of First American home warranty

The information discussed earlier is the advantages of the First American home warranty. You are going to invest a good amount in the plan to live peacefully with your family. However, you should know the disadvantages of the plan for sure to avoid any fakeness. The below-mentioned points are not going to be covered by the home warranty plan.

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● Act of God
● Damages due to flood
● Smoke
● Fire accidents
● War
● Riots
● Misusing of electrical or kitchen appliances
● Missing part of any appliances
● Theft products
● Appliances that are already insured
● Specific parts of electrical and plumbing appliances.
● Roof leakage
● Damages due to pests

By managing your budget for sudden expenses, the First American home warranty can be of great use. Besides, online customer service can answer your question at any time of the day. To file your claim, you don’t have to visit the central office. You can easily fill the online form in the online portal. The specific contractor will come to your home within 48 hours to fix the appeared issues with ease.

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By going through all the advantages and disadvantages of the First American Home Warranty, you can reach an exact decision with ease. The low EMI, fixed one-time fee, and several coverages of this plan have the ability to attract a number of people towards it.

However, there are a few drawbacks, but if looked at objectively there are more pros than cons. Thus, anyone can understand the necessity of the First American home warranty accurately.

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