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Explore The Paddleboarding In Miami beach 2021

Paddleboarding in Miami is more familiar than you’d think. There are actually some amazing spots for paddleboarding in Miami for enthusiasts of the sport to experience their time on the water. If you live in Miami and are doubtful about getting a paddleboard and starting your SUP journey, check our list of the top spots to visit paddleboarding in Miami.

  1. Virginia Key
  2. South Beach
  3. Oleta State Park
  4. Sunset Island
  5. Biscayne Bay

Miami and the surrounding area are made for paddleboarding. There is water everywhere – the ocean, canals, lakes, rivers. And how beautiful are the tropical lagoons around Virginia Key! Paddleboarding will allow you to enjoy this beauty and, which is important, to get a pleasant physical activity. But first, let’s give a look at the equipment.

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Board + paddles: varieties and advantages

The most common material for SUP boards is fiberglass. Such a board weighs about 13-16 kg and costs in the range of $ 600 – $ 2000. Lighter boards (weighing 10-12 kg) are made of carbon. They are certainly more convenient, but they also cost an order of magnitude more – over $ 3000. Their main plus is the ease of transportation since when folded; they fit into the trunk of an ordinary car. For other boards, special roof mounts must be used. Paddleboarding paddles are made of aluminum or carbon.

Almost all of them have a mechanism for changing the length, so the paddle can be adjusted to fit riders of different heights. If you come to Miami for a long time and have a place at home to put your equipment, it is more profitable for you to buy a board. For those who do not have the desire or opportunity to make such a purchase, renting equipment for a few hours or for the whole day is the easiest way. The rental price is usually $ 30 per hour or $ 120 for the whole day. The equipment can be delivered to any beach or canal you wish!

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Paddleboarding Clothing 

The main rule is that clothes should be comfortable and appropriate for the weather conditions. Since paddleboarding is a water sport, a long-sleeved Lycra T-shirt is recommended. It will protect your skin from the sun and keep you warm. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin. Don’t forget your Panama hat and sunglasses, and bring along a water bottle and your phone in a waterproof case.

Where to ride in Miami?

You can ride wherever there is water and a comfortable descent. First of all, these are the beaches. You can combine beach vacations and paddleboarding. To ride along the canals, you need to find a specially equipped descent to the water. For example, in Miami Beach, there are such slopes in Pine Tree Park (park address: 4400 Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach, FL) and in Maurice Gibb Memorial Park (park address: 18th St & Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL).

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It is enjoyable to ride the scenic canals at Oleta River State Park (3400 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160). You can enter the water from the beach or the parking lot (next to parking lot 6). Here you will get many impressions and a feeling of complete separation from civilization, sailing under the arches of mangroves or stopping in quiet, cozy backwaters, which are abundant here. Full Relaxation!


Yes, you can also fish on the paddleboard! Just remember to buy a Florida fishing license. Website address where you can purchase a license: 

What can you see?

Their curiosity distinguishes sea creatures, so manatees (sea cows), dolphins, herons, pelicans can accompany the paddleboarders along the way! As you cruise along the canals in Miami Beach, you can enjoy homes’ architecture and magnificent landscaping. Many of which have marinas where luxury yachts can sometimes be seen. 

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Paddle Boarding tips for beginners

  • Always pick a wider and longer board, as they offer more security.
  • To stand up on the board, beggin on your knees and properly push yourself up, one foot at a time.
  • Once you balance yourself, then use the paddle to move your paddleboard over the water surface.
  • Paddle boarders under 12 should wear a life vest. Those 12 and older have to keep one on board, but it’s a great idea to wear it, especially if you’re not a skilled swimmer. 

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the importance of paddle boarding so that they can enjoy excitement and happiness during their holiday in Miami.

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By calling 786-730-6112, you can rent a paddleboard! We wish you a pleasant stay and be healthy!


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