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Everything you must know before buying colorful diabetic socks

Diabetes obstructs blood circulation affecting the nerves in the feet. It also increases the chances of foot infection and, if not attended to timely, may lead to amputation of feet, toes or the portion of the leg below the knee. It is, therefore, essential to practise proper foot care to prevent such severe complications. There is a wide range of colorful diabetic socks available in the market you can choose from to begin your foot care. The design of the diabetic socks addresses the foot issues pertinent to the health condition. However, you must know a few factors before buying the socks. The details are listed below:

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The diabetic socks are made of moisture-wicking material that pulls away moisture from the foot and allows it to evaporate. The use of such material prevents odour and reduces the chances of infection. It helps keep the foot dry, protecting the feet from blisters and wounds. You might check if the socks are made of acrylic material as it wicks moisture better than cotton.

You can also find colourful diabetic socks made from soft yarns like wool or bamboo, which have antimicrobial properties and are gentle to the skin. You can also find socks made of yarns that reduce blister-causing friction.

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The diabetic socks typically do not have seams along the toe to minimise the risk of rubbing and causing blisters. People with chronic hyperglycemia or diabetic neuropathy are susceptible to developing ulcers from blisters caused due to friction in the skin. You may experience numbness in your toes and feet while suffering from diabetic neuropathy. In such cases, you could use socks with white soles as it reveals your wound drainage and enables you to take proper care without delay.

Padded soles and non-elastic binding

Extra padding or cushioning is essential to provide more comfort and protection against injury. The padding is usually made from silicone pads, gel or thick fabric sewn into the socks.

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You can choose from a variety of padded and colourful diabetic socks according to your activities. Toe padding will be the most suited for you if you play outdoor games like soccer or tennis. You could go for some darker hues and neons to break the monotony without compromising your comfort. Look for proper heel padding for better ease and comfort if your work requires you to stand for long hours.

The non-elastic binding is another attribute of diabetes socks that you must check before purchasing. The socks should not squeeze the calves, which might interfere with the blood flow and cause adverse health impacts.

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Diabetic socks are found in different lengths. It may vary from anklets to over-the-knee to calf-length to crew-length. Over-the-knee length is deemed to provide maximum results for people with poor blood circulation. No matter the length, the socks must be super-stretchy and non-constricting.

Where to purchase

You can purchase diabetic socks from online shopping sites, pharmacies, retail stores and medical supply stores. The cost of the socks may vary between $5 and $140, depending on their functionality and material. Diabetic socks are usually not covered in medical insurance plans, although they could be eligible for reimbursements under specific healthcare schemes.

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The information on diabetes socks must have provided significant insight into their features and usage. Hence, consult your doctor without delay and get the right pair.


Author: Alisha

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