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Digital Detox: How to Get Rid of an Internet Addiction 

These days, it’s hard to imagine life outside of virtual space. It would take a long time to list all the benefits that we have had thanks to the digital environment. But sometimes it is not unreasonable to reflect on the role of the Internet: is the Web a helper or a hindrance, gradually replacing reality? These are the 5 suggestions for which it’s worth getting off the Web.

Replace Gigabytes With a Tasty Breakfast

Many people wake up and the first thing they do is reach for their phone. What happened while I was asleep? Try changing that scenario and before you get out of bed, start your morning differently. Stretch yourself with pleasure, move your arms and legs, smile, wish a good morning to yourself and the person next to you, and say something encouraging and setting you up for a great day in your head or out loud. For example, wish yourself good luck and strength to have a successful day.

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The Bonuses of Digital Hygiene

If it’s going to be difficult, think about what you can do to make yourself happy after all the trials. Have you decided? Then do a light workout with your favorite music, take a contrast shower and enjoy a delicious breakfast. It’s better not to watch his recipe on Youtube, otherwise there is a risk to spend a couple of hours on everything the digital platform will offer. Better use your experience and imagination – it will turn out faster and tastier.

If you really want to live in a world that is not dominated by digital addiction, cancel all the subscriptions that you have. This means leaving all the movie and music subscriptions that make you dependent on the internet for activities that can help in relieving stress and tensions. If you feel the need to watch a movie from time to time, or download some music to play in your car, go for downloading platforms like https://thepirateproxybay.com/

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Add Color to Your Reality

Thanks to the Internet today you can visit museums and exhibitions, watch plays and travel, learn to draw and cook, do yoga and visit a psychologist or doctor. In certain situations, it really is more convenient, and in the era of epidemics is even safer. But just as a virtual meeting with a loved one differs from a live date, and being at a concert in the hall from listening to a recording of it, so does watching it on a screen differ from being there.


If you can’t make it to your favorite gallery for an online exhibition, take advantage of the opportunities you already have. A leisurely stroll through a snow-covered park or a fun game with kids will bring you no less, if not more excitement than gambling at Cookie Casino.

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Put Social Media on Pause

Of course, it is important to know how your girlfriend is vacationing in the mountains, or what the world’s media write about. However, if you have a day off and the whole family is home, it’s great if you devote time to your parents, kids and spouse. Find out their news, ask about what is happening in life: how do you feel, what are your moods, what are your plans for the day and for vacation. Discuss together the upcoming cases, as well as what is happening at school, at work, among mutual friends. Instead of being engaged in posting on social networking sites another funny picture of a pet, pet the cat, or take a long walk with the dog.

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Get out of Messenger to Visit a Friend

Thanks to various communication apps, we can connect with anywhere in the world. This is especially important when we are separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometers from our interlocutor. The ability to not only hear but also see another person with the phone would have seemed like science fiction to our grandparents of the last century! Now another trend is gaining momentum: people living in the same city prefer to meet face-to-face in an instant messenger or a video call.


It’s hardly necessary to explain why this is the case, but the human communication taking place in reality is truly priceless, and it can’t be replaced even by the most advanced technology. Can you come to your best friend or favorite aunt with just an advance call, or even without warning? Or without the coordination in the chat room at least for a couple of hours to get out to meet your friends? An important condition is that when conducting such an experiment, you can’t use the mobile Internet.

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The Bonuses of Digital Hygiene

Most of us are zealous about our desire to be independent: we stand up for freedom of speech and thought, views and relationships, creativity and religion. But perhaps in doing so, each of us is held hostage. Of what? Of our lifestyles and habits, for example.


Aren’t we hostage to the Internet, without which it can be so difficult to live even a day? Given the chance to learn about the world by staying at home, haven’t we narrowed the possibilities of getting to know it? Distract yourself from online reality, look around and try to see reality as it really is: albeit unadorned, but in its naturalness – unique and unforgettable. Turn off the Internet for at least a day to see for yourself.

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