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Design your Shade Garden with Beautiful Plants

Shade Garden consists of different beautiful flowers which flourish with little or no direct sunlight. It does not require more than four hours of sunlight in a day. Though you cannot grow your favorite sunlight plants it does not mean that a shade garden has nothing to offer you. There are several different species of wonderful flowers that grow in the shade garden. If you are searching for some garden ideas on how to grow a shade garden, you are on the right track.


The shade garden demands less maintenance as compared to the sunny garden. You might be wondering if a shade garden does not need more than 4 hours of sunlight. This means that it does not survive in the summer season. No, this is not true.

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Shade gardens have a lot of planted trees and walls around them. This helps the shade garden in guarding the plants against dry summer heat and drying winter winds. Shade gardens are the perfect place to sit without overexposure to sunlight. Design your shade garden with beautiful plants to make it your favorite place for relaxation and a wellness retreat.


Pick Colorful Plants to brighten Up the Shade Garden 


Shade Gardens are naturally cool and moist because of no availability of sun. They have rich, deep, and easy-to-dig soil surrounded by deep-rooted trees. Adding colorful plants to your shade garden brings a bold impact. Shade Garden has different leaf colors and delicate, alluring flowers.

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Take out your gardening tools and start planting plants for the shade garden. There is no such plant that can completely grow in darkness without any light but they can flourish with a glimpse of sunlight or some hours of light. Here is a list of some shade garden flowers that will look good at your place.


  • Hostas – Hostas are one of the go-to plants for a shady garden. It requires moist soil to grow. It is a herbage plant with wide leafed looks that can be very small sometimes or very large. There are other varieties of it too such as Halcyon, Sum and Substance, and Mouse Ears. Sum and Substance get very huge, near about five feet.
  • Peperomia- Peperomia is one of the easy to grow plants in full shade. It does not grow well in moderate light to partial shade. It grows fully in full shade. Its leaves have a beautiful look of foliage.
  • Viola – Viola is a spring bloomer. It tolerates some sun but prefers part to full shade family, particularly in the summer season. Penny Purple Picotee and Johnny Jump-up are some of its other varieties.
  • Lingularia – This plant is also renowned as the leopard plant. It is considered a great choice for a shade garden. It has beautiful striking, purplish red leaves. If you are searching for plants with big leaf structures, go for Yellow, Daisy-looking flowers, The Rocket that boasts spikier blooms.  Desdemona,The Rocket, Britt-Marie Crawford
  • Aglaonema – This species of plant is perfect for low light conditions. It is a equatorial plant that blooms in a room with fluorescent light
  • Elephant Ear – It is one of the easy plants to look after. It demands partial to full shade. Place it under the full shade and it will do well.
  • Asarum Canadense – It is also known as Canadian Wild Ginger. It is an interesting native plant with a deep shade preference. It is a low grower plant and requires moist soil to bloom.
  • Astilbe – This species of plant requires little morning sun to bloom better.
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Here are some amazing ideas to enhance the beautification of your Shade Garden by adding some new elements.


Built a waterfall, small pond, or fountain with stones and water 


The best thing about a shade garden is that it will be cool even on hot, bright days. The sound of flowing water and striking the stones helps in relaxing the mind and body. Make a small pond with the help of water and stones. If there is not enough space for a pond then go for the fountain, it will take less space. It will enhance the beauty of your shade garden instantly. Running water will also attract the birds to your garden in both seasons. If you don’t have enough time, buy a fountain from the market and place it in the centre or any corner of your garden.

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Add some Solar Lights and Battery Lights in the Garden 


The Shade Garden looks dark in the evening and night. To make it a little bright for spending your evenings there. Set up solar lights in the area where sunlight reaches. Apart from that, add some battery lights to other parts of the shade garden. Make sure that you avoid harsh lighting because it can affect the plants’ nurturing as well.


Place Bright and Colorful Plants in the Centre 


To make the shade garden look more attractive and eye-pleasing. Place vibrant and brightly color small plants in the centre of the garden. It adds more depth to the entire garden. The presence of only one color makes it look dull and horrible. Thus, it is necessary to change the positioning of plants to add some more color to the garden.

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