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Customer Reviews: 6 Steps For Collecting Them Effectively on Shopify

To attract customers, retain them, convert them into loyal ones, and build trust — all this you can do with the help of customer reviews. It’s a kind of word-of-mouth that makes the customers’ opinions about your store.


Reviews are essential for your brand to boost sales and the bottom line, increasing trust and engaging customers. Moreover, they also play a crucial role for buyers, as 70% read reviews before making a purchase.


So, what should you do to use customer reviews on Shopify? Installing the best free review app Shopify seems to be a great idea, but that’s not the only thing you should keep in mind. Besides, you should know how to collect customer reviews effectively. Let’s try to figure this out together!

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Customer reviews: Why are they needed?

Customer reviews are an insight into how customers feel about your products or services. They influence the future of your goods and allow you to showcase your brand and attract more customers. Customer reviews show your brand’s competitiveness and if it is relevant in the marketplace.


The primary value of customer reviews is that they provide social proof and help customers make a purchasing decision based on other buyers’ experiences.


For your marketing, you can also generate content from customer reviews. It will show potential customers how other buyers interact with your products or services.

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Methods for collecting customer feedback

For your business, you can use various methods for collecting reviews and choose the one that suits your brand the best.

Conduct surveys

A verified method to get information from your customers on your products or services is to conduct a survey. For this purpose, prepare a few questions and send them to your customers by email, mail, or phone. Remember that they shouldn’t take too much time to answer.

Use email forms

A quick way to collect customer feedback is to use email forms. The main advantage is that they can be completed within a message without extra clicks.

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Hold interviews

You can get more comprehensive information about the customer experience during exploratory interviews with your customers. It’s a regular conversation with customers where they are asked certain questions. For such interviews, you may ask loyal customers as they know a lot about your brand and can provide you with the necessary information. As they can take a lot of time, you may convince your buyers to participate by offering valuable incentives.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is a great marketing tool. It’s the very first place where customers share their good or bad experiences. So, why not collect their feedback there?

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How to collect reviews on your Shopify store?

Collecting customer reviews effectively on Shopify is an essential step for any successful marketing campaign. By gathering customer feedback, you can understand how your customers feel about your brand, what works well, and what you should improve.


Make use of the following 6 steps to effectively collect customer reviews on Shopify.

Step #1: Leverage a Shopify reviews app

To start with, choose the review app for your store. You can find a wide range of them in the Shopify app store, with many options.


For example,

Tthe Webtex product review app is free. Still, it can provide you with a lot of opportunities, such as advanced reviews from your customers, reviews widgets and rich snippets, notifications about reviews, automated email review reminders, etc.

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Step #2: Incentivize customers to give feedback

Show your customers that you really care about what they think. Make them feel that their voices are essential to you. Please encourage them to share their reviews about your products or services. You can offer them a discount, giveaway, or loyalty points for these purposes.

Step #3: Ask for reviews

The truth is that some customers won’t give feedback until they are asked. That’s why do not skip this step. Furthermore, you should select the right way to ask for customer reviews and appropriate questions.

Step#4: Select the right time

Don’t forget the time when asking for feedback because it is crucial. You can’t send a review request before your customers even get their purchases. The best one is a product or service delivery time.

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Step #5: Personalize review requests

To satisfy customer expectations and boost repeat sales, use personalization when connecting with the customer. If you want to generate a greater number of reviews, customize your review request emails.

Step #6: Respond to reviews

It would help if you let your customers know that you appreciate the time they spend on sharing feedback. So, remember to respond to customer reviews to build trust and loyalty.

Final thoughts

The success of your store depends on customer experience and how they feel when dealing with your brand. Customer feedback is an indicator of such an experience.


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To effectively collect customer reviews on Shopify, follow the abovementioned steps. Then, you’ll see that the result will not keep you waiting long.

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