September 28


Connect With Your Older Grandkids By Reading With Them

It may seem like the younger generation lives on another planet, but let’s face it—it was as hard for your grandparents to connect to you as it is for you to connect with yours. But Gen Z, the Zoomers, are not aliens from another planet; they are as open and curious about the world as you were. Stillm they may just need a little extra digging due to the thick skin they need to develop to stop so many stimuli from flying at them. That’s where you are uniquely placed to offer them something few others can—a way to navigate the world they find themselves in.

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A Way To Connect On A Deep Level

Reading is a great way to allow a relationship to develop at its own rate. You can reach each other and share on a deep, emotional level, but it’s low pressure. You can do it at home, at your grandkids’ house, or even when they come to visit if you’ve moved homes, such as into an assisted living Thousand Oaks facility. Wherever it is, meeting up to read improves your relationship with your grandchildren – whether it’s once a day, once a week, a couple of times a month, or whatever works for your schedules.

The only tricky thing to figure out now is what books to read – but the following sections of this article have got you covered there. Here’s an assembled list of classics that will appeal to readers of any age. Simply pick a couple from the list below, and then see where that leads your and your grandchildren’s imaginations!

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A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness (with Siobhan Dowd)

This award-winning, uncompromising novel is a valuable read for older children fighting with overwhelmingly powerful emotions. Sure to spark some deep discussions, this story about a boy and his grandmother struggling to deal with his mother’s cancer is not for the faint of heart.

Holes By Louis Sachar

This eminently readable book is simply and humorously written, belying a complicated plot that arrives at one of the most thrilling and unexpected conclusions in literary history—a masterful and enjoyable read about a mystery and an injustice that spans generations.

A Little Princess By Frances Hodgson Burnett

When wealthy Sara Crewe is made penniless by her father’s death, she must work as a maid at the boarding school she’s been attending. It’s a pathos-laden tale that will end by making your heart soar.

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A Wizard of Earthsea By Ursula K Le Guin

An over-confident young wizard attempts a spell beyond his ability and unleashes an evil shadow-being. Only he can rectify the situation, but it comes at a cost. This wise and intelligent tale has been influencing minds for over fifty years.

Emil and the Detectives By Erich Kästner

Small-town boy Emil is visiting family in Berlin when he loses the money his mother gave him. He enlists the help of a gang of street kids to help solve the mystery, and an exciting adventure ensues.

The Hobbit By J R R Tolkien

What needs to be said about The Hobbit? An instant hit that inspired the epic sequel ‘The Lord of the Rings’, inspired the movies, and a new million-dollar per episode TV show. The book can’t be beaten in terms of adventure, humor, poetry, and heart.

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