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Commerce, Sales and Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

To allow your business to fully benefit from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, it is necessary to understand the software functionality. Here, you will find more about the capabilities and usability of the Microsoft ERP system. This knowledge will help you to see how the system can meet the needs of your enterprise.

Commerce, Sales and Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has powerful tools for creating a unique experience for each of your customers. Its functionality encompasses streamlined and automated operations for seamless shopping. The insights provided by AI contribute to building unique and smart commerce strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation can increase the adaptability of your company to ever-changing customer expectations and boost omnichannel engagement.

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You can enhance your commerce even more by adding sales and marketing applications provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your ERP suite. These solutions will help you to learn your customers better, predict their intents and personalize your sales approach. Automation tools will accelerate the sales process for you and improve your employees’ productivity.

Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will generate intelligent insights, which can be highly useful for staff coaching.

Functionality for Field Services

Enterprises delivering services can also enjoy the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This ERP system provides extra support for field services and helps to unlock new channels for service provision.

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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution can improve your staff’s performance with increased information accessibility. For example, it utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance the work with equipment and machinery and predicts time requirements for travel and work and deploys this data for logistics optimization. Furthermore, it relies on mixed reality for real-time collaboration, improves work delegation and increases reactiveness to issues. Altogether, these features reduce service costs and increase profits.

Managing Your Finance and Supply Chain

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation can enhance your financial management, supporting you with functionality that does not come with conventional accountancy tools. This ERP system handles business operations related to finances in an intelligent way. Not only does it assist with precise budget planning and asset management but also helps global companies to meet the legal requirements in different regions of the world.

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Finance tasks are also empowered by flawless automation, which makes it possible for your employees to save a lot of time and avoid human error.

If your company specializes in manufacturing, you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to considerably improve your supply chain. The suite includes tools dedicated to supply chain management based on artificial intelligence and the IoT technology. Combining their powers, you can effectively monitor inventory and warehouses, predict demand and optimize your procurement and production. The IoT significantly increases the control over your assets and machinery. With it, you can detect and address any manufacturing issues early enough to avoid costly downtime.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 will also help you to organize your logistics more effectively.

Effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software suite consisting of multiple applications focused on different business activities. While it might happen your company needs all of them, for other businesses certain features are redundant. A flexible licensing plan does not require subscription and deployment of the entire suite. On the contrary, it supports custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation with the possibility of resigning from or adding certain modules on the go.

Working with XPLUS (https://xplusglobal.com/), an official Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner will help you to adjust this state-of-the-art ERP system to the needs of your company.

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