July 22


Cleaning Hacks for Dog Owners with Allergies

You might have found out recently that you might be allergic to your dog. You don’t want to get sick, but you can’t bring yourself to give them up; you don’t have to. You can do many things to lessen your reaction to your dog to make life easier with them. You could be doing some things to reduce the strain on your allergies:

  • Cleaning
  • Making a dog-free room
  • Bathing and brushing
  • Choosing a hypoallergenic breed

Why Do You Get Allergies

Everyone is different, and the cause of their allergies may differ, but some everyday things cause allergies. Some common things that might be causing you to get allergies are the dog’s hair, dander, or saliva. Some people might not get allergies from the dander or hair but do get allergies from their dog’s saliva. Some people could also get hives from scratches from their dog’s nails. There are many things you can do to prevent or lessen the reaction you have from your dog.

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Clean Regularly

It is essential always to keep your house clean but especially if you have allergies. It would be best if you vacuum your carpets daily and clean couches and any other surfaces your dog might touch. You might also want to use an air purification system to keep the loose dander out of the air.

Dog Free Room

You want to ensure you have a room you can go to if the allergies get too bad. You can have a dog-free room like your bedroom that you can retreat to when your allergies get out of hand. You will always need to have the door shut to prevent loose dander in the air from getting in. You might also want an air purifier running to clean the air. You will also want to wash your bedding more often than you would usually.

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Bathe and Brush Regularly

The frequency of bathing and brushing your dog will depend on your dog type, but if you have allergies, you will want to clean and brush your dog more frequently. You want to ensure that you don’t bathe your dog too often, or their skin will dry out. If you brush your dog, usually, it will lessen the shedding and amount of dander released from their skin.

Choose Hypoallergenic Breeds

You can completely change your entire lifestyle to include work around your allergies, but one thing you can start with to lessen the work you must do is get a hypoallergenic dog. No dog is entirely hypoallergenic, but you can get a pretty close dog. There are many breeds of dogs that come pretty close to being completely hypoallergenic. Some breeds are Poodles, Whoodles, American Hairless Terriers, Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers, and Maltese. If you chose these dogs that don’t shed, you could lessen the work you have to do to make your house allergic free.

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Some people make the mistake of thinking that because these dogs don’t shed, they are less work to take care of. In some cases, these dogs might be a little more work. Their hair continues to grow and must be cut at least once a month, depending on the breed. Your should brush them at least once or twice daily to prevent matting in their hair. Getting these dogs will help with your allergies, but they still need love and attention.


You shouldn’t miss out on the experience of owning a dog if you have allergies. There should be ways for you to have a loving connection with your dog still. You could incorporate these tips into your life to work around your allergies.

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