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Checklist for an Employee Engagement Software

“Employee Engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of staying in business” – Ian Hutchinson, author and nuclear scientist

Today’s economic climate, labelled the Great Resignation, is experiencing an unforeseen amount of job-quitting. This has prompted organisations to focus on employee retention. They are developing new strategies for rewards & recognition, perks, and incentives to improve employee experience.

The rise of the employee engagement software market is something that organisations must look into and benefit from.

Why Look for an Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement is a fundamental concept used to understand and describe the nature of the relationship between an organisation and its employees and the level of passion and the employees feel towards their job.

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The Human Resources department ensures that the engagement rates in their organisation remain high and a good employee engagement software goes a long way in helping.

Given the criticality of this concept to the performance of productivity of an individual and the organisation as a whole, HR management needs to be very careful when coming up with a plan to boost engagement. Hence, great care should be taken when selecting an employee engagement software for employees.

What is an Employee Engagement software?

An Employee engagement software is a centralised platform employees can use to connect to their organisation and receive particular benefits from them. From an organisational perspective, it can be defined as a tool to boost job satisfaction and employee retention.

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Human Resources (HR) departments are typically charged with administering employee engagement solutions. A good employee engagement software usually supports all platforms, including Android, iOS, and windows.

Importance of an Employee Engagement Software

Low employee engagement is becoming a bigger concern for organisations with every passing day. Here are a few reasons for investing in an engagement software:

  • Low employee engagement costs companies $450-500 Billion each year.
  • 85% of Employees are not engaged in the workspace.
  • 1 in 3 Professionals cite boredom as their main reason for leaving jobs.

Essential Features of An Employee Engagement Software

53% of frontline workers use non-secure messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, up to six times a day for work-related reasons.

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While looking in the employee engagement software market look for a few essential features. Judge employee engagement software reviews on the following basis:

Engaging Content

The platform should make use of visual aids to appeal to the user instead of a bland text-only approach. Interactive UI and engaging content become the first steps in building more engagement.

Real-time Communication

Workspaces often involve the real-time exchange of information from one employee to another. However, such exchanges often occur through either insecure channels such as WhatsApp or via e-mails, which are inconvenient for small exchanges. Having a communication channel on the employee engagement software to allow instant chats, file sharing, and group communications can be a huge boost to internal communication.

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Employee Surveys

An employee engagement software with a survey feature would help gauge the levels of engagement in teams. This survey can also be used to measure employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose, and passion for their work and organisation.

Data and Analytics

The best way to analyse the success of any employee engagement software to measure the Return on Investment. This can only be calculated if the platform provides detailed data and analytics on user engagement and usage of the platform. Data and analytics is a quintessential feature and is one of the first features HR managers must focus on while shortlisting the employee engagement software they would like to consider.

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Engagement Software to Consider

Here are a few employee engagement softwares to consider for your organisation.

Advantage Club

Advantage Club is an employee engagement platform that provides end-to-end solutions to facilitate meaningful employee engagement. It does this through exclusive privileges and offers provided by brand partners, a robust Rewards and Recognition system, Earned Wage Advantage, and more features. The platform also facilitates contests and automated incentives which allows for the gamification of team goals. Advantage Club creates regular and interesting initiatives to keep employees engaged and provides in-depth data to HR leaders and managers.


Assembly brings customizable workflows into the employee engagement software market. employees can work smarter, not harder to get more done. There are 40+ workflow templates from their system, such as Employee Recognition & Engagement, so employees can simplify their daily workflows while increasing team productivity. Assembly integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and popular SSO & HRIS solutions.

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Kazoo is an employee engagement software that includes a social reward system to incentivize habits and create a positive work culture. Additionally, Kazoo offers 360-degree reviews where employees can request and provide feedback using templates such as ‘Start, Stop, Continue’. In addition to creating surveys, managers can chat with their team members one-on-one.


intelliHR is an employee engagement software that helps organisations drive employee engagement through continuous feedback and engagement analytics. The employee engagement software provides best-practice tools for HR and managers to align, manage and enable a people and culture strategy within a broader business strategy. intelliHR also comes with built-in engagement analytics.

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Benefits of Employee Engagement

Recognition at the right time

Employee appreciation should always be done as soon as possible, while ensuring as many people as possible are made aware of it. Doing so leads to a culture of confidence and passion where employees give their all to achieve desired results and are not afraid to take risks to earn said appreciation.

Improve retention rates

Lack of recognition for job performance is often touted as one of the main reasons people leave their jobs. Using an employee engagement software, employees can find more ways to connect with their team and their leader consistently, while also receiving the feedback and recognition. This process will also help employees see how their individual role fits into the broader goals of the company.

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Improve communication with employees

An employee engagement software helps employees and managers gauge, in real-time, how everyone really feels. Most platforms have the ability to conduct surveys, provide feedback, offer support and encouragement to co-workers, and coach new hires as they develop. Beyond feeling heard, this makes employees feel valued, especially when their feedback or suggestions are utilised and implemented by management.


The importance of employee engagement softwares is becoming more and more relevant with every passing day. Organisations need to come up with ways to keep their employees satisfied and engaged. Employing an engagement software into the existing workplace ecosystem can help solve many issues organisations face when it comes to engagement and help them not only get through the massive change in the field of employee experience but also to come out of it stronger.

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