August 25


Bitcoin is Backed by Famous Celebrities

The Crypto journey starts in 2009 with bitcoin and now the bitcoin price is skyrocketing. Nobody thinking about the drastic change in the crypto world. Bitcoin shows how powerful is the cryptocurrency. Although there are multiple altcoins, they do not compete with the price of bitcoin.


The first cryptocurrency bitcoin is the dream of every cryptocurrency holder to buy it. Despite that, their skyrocketing price disappoints many small investors. Furthermore, except for these small investors. There are also some big fish who have the buying power to purchase the number of bitcoin at present. These big fish includes politicians, celebrities, tech people, and as well as a sports person.

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Now there are hundreds of bitcoin exchanges that enlisted the bitcoin. They enlisted the bitcoins due to their popularity that is gained from time to time. A number of remarkable personalities made the addition the value of bitcoins. Bitcoin’s value is increasing due to the first cryptocurrency magic among rich personalities. Their tweets and interest make the bitcoin touch the sky. However, after the bitcoin, the altcoins make their journey a little bit slow. Now people are taking interest in altcoins due to their low price and high value of return by day trading methods.


But still, now bitcoin has an outstanding place in the crypto world that is not gained by any other cryptocurrency. There are multiple crypto exchange that are used to get bitcoins. In these crypto exchanges, the kucoin is one of them. Kucoin enlists bitcoin at the start due to its popularity. Kucoin dashboard shows the live price graph to its audience. Kucoin is accessible in 22 languages all over the world. The wallet facility provides by the kucoin is extraordinary due to its security reasons. Kucoin also manages the accounts of well-known personalities.

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There are numerous well-known personalities that belong to tech, sports as well as acting careers that disclose their opinions about cryptocurrency.

Elon musk tech guy

Elon musk is fond of cryptocurrency. His tweets bring a dramatic change in the price of the cryptocurrency. He buys the bitcoins for tesla and also encourages the users to buy tesla with bitcoins but after some time Elon musk sold the bitcoins and take back his decision due to certain reasons.

Mike Tyson sportsman

Mike Tyson is known as a legendary boxer and sportsman. He also does some work in action movies and gets the tag of the actor. In fact, Mike Tyson is going to pursue his career as an actor in near future. He is really digging deep into bitcoin trading. Mike Tyson develop a wallet that is synchronized with bitcoin.

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Akon singer

Akon a well-known singer has its own currency named Akoin. He wants to help his community to build a city in Senegal. Akon has a dream to build a city with cryptocurrency that is equipped with all the latest technology facilities.

Paris Hilton model

Paris Hilton is a media celebrity, model, and business women in the united state. He sold her pet cat digital art worth 17000 dollars Ethereum on the online crypto platform that is a cryptograph website.

Russel Okung footballer

Russel Okung is also a sportsman related to the American college local football team. His salary is paid in US dollars but after that Russel immediately convert half of his salary to bitcoins.

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Bitcoin is not a myth. A number of people are linked with this cryptocurrency to make their living. Some common men get the bitcoin at a cheap price at the start and after sometimes they become billionaires. Despite that, there are multi-dollar people who are still making an investment in bitcoins to get the maximum benefits. They are giving equal worth to their assets in physical form as well as digital form.


Bitcoin blockchain system of decentralization attracts the attention of wealthy people. They have taken a keen interest to get full control over their wealth without any centralization or regulations. These celebrities want to save their wealth in digital form by linking their digital wallet with any bitcoin exchange. They also don’t care about the bitcoin price for buying but pay much attention to the rise of prices in near future to hold tons of profit.

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