September 8


Benefits Of Axix™ Sinks

Are you renovating your kitchen or bathroom soon? Finding a middle ground between value and aesthetics is the intention of every builder and designer. What if you had the exceptional functionality of stainless steel and the impeccable finish of Corian surface material in one choice? This is true with the modern choice – Axix™ Sinks. They take the sink design to a whole new level. The choice comes with freedom with an array of colours and finishes for the ultimate makeover. There are more perks for you to know below.

·  Resistance to Corrosion or Tarnishing

Axix sinks come with a PVD finish, a thin film or coating that adds durability and resilience. It’s easy to assume that the Corian sides weaken the sink, but you’d be surprised that the finish is more robust than stainless steel. After this finish, you won’t need additional coating because it’s free of corrosion and tarnishing. The Corian surface is also germ-resistant and straightforward to clean. Additionally, the Corian lining is backed by a metal structure, making it leak-proof.

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·  Variety of Colours to Choose From

If your options are slim with the conventional stainless-steel sink, welcome to a new world of freedom! Whether you wish to achieve simplicity or ultra-modernness, you can choose from various colours. Match the interior walls of your sink with the benchtop, or opt for the colour of stainless steel. Earn a one-of-a-kind look with the classic stainless steel, gunmetal, copper or gold brass.

·  Design Versatility

A sink that happily blends your benchtops with the sink creates the perfect statement in your kitchen or bathroom. Axix sinks are made to work with Corian benchtops for a smooth transition from the bench to the sink. The sinks can also catch water if surrounded by a depressed edge.

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An option is to pair your Axix sink with contemporary tap fittings to suit the stainless-steel base for an alluring modern style that will make your guests envy. While it combines style and practicality, a bespoke worktop system is only a decision away. Customisation allows you to meet your specific requirements. Choose a large kitchen sink or a small wash station, but a quality designer can do it all to your satisfaction.

· Protective Coating With Insulation Properties

The Axix sinks feature Indussound, a protective coating on their underside. It incorporates cutting-edge technology to insulate the sink and make it effortless to retain water heat. You may also like it for less plumbing noise and sounds from an installed waste disposal unit.

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Straightforward fabrication method

It uses standard tools for completion and creates a watertight solution that accommodates utilising boiling water taps. Besides, there are four varying sizes available to suit a vast customer base.

What is The Axix Sink?

The Axix sink provides contemporary, appealing remodelling options. The base of this sink may look like ordinary stainless steel to the eye. But the Corian surface material is used on the walls. This means that the benchtop will flow with the sink; besides, there are no notable joins. Your home’s interior style can influence your choice of PVD metallic finish.

The Three Steps Used In Building Axix Sinks

  • Four Corian pieces are cut and inserted into the sink, sitting on the lip.
  • The next step is fixing the pieces together.
  • Finally, the finished sink is under-mounted into the worktop.
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The result is a smoothly integrated sink that complements the general appearance of the surface and adds a touch of elegance.


Axix sinks are a revolutionary addition to any home, incorporating state-of-the-art technology with Insusound and PVD finish for a seamless, beautiful look that’s also long-lasting. Moreover, you can take it up a notch with personalisation features that make it ideal for your functionality, design taste, and preference.

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