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 Australian Gin

Australia is greatly known for its high-quality wine production – be it brandy or spirit or gin. But one who wins the race ahead of the pack must be Australian gin! In fact, few gins were awarded gold in the international wine and spirit awards, 2020. Gins have become so popular in Australia due to their unique botanicals that can’t be found anywhere on earth. These are meticulously prepared by the fusion of many wonderful plants. Here are some of the gins that are worth checking out,

  • Amberches Botanical Gin

This gin is one of the most popular gins which features the blood lime, pepper leaf, lemon myrtle and liver mint, all of which combine to give the flavour of juniper. These guys usually have an alcohol content of at least 42 per cent.

  • Naught Overproof Gin
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This gin usually contains an alcohol content of 42 per cent and is slightly more expensive than the Amberches Botanical Gin. You would find the flavours of juniper, lemon peel, wattleseed, cassia, coriander seeds and Angelina roots. You can pair it with a slice of grapefruit or spring of rosemary.

  • Seabourne Distillery Coastal Dry gin

These contain alcohol percentages up to 59 and cost more than 99 dollars. You can find the flavours like finger limes, organic oranges and ginger,  all of which are combined to make a good spicy gin.

  • Bright Night Gin

This gin has an alcohol per cent of up to 58 per cent and originates from west Australia. They are so popular among the folks and are very famous for running out of stocks very quickly. They are made from sea salt and sea parsley. Pairing it with citrus fruits like orange or grapes gives the best possible taste.

  • Puss & Mew Distillery Honey Gin
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These gins contain less alcohol content (40 per cent) compared to the former ones. They use the Tasmanian pepper berry which gives the spicy and hot flavour.

  • Darling Distillery Gin

The alcohol content here is almost 40 per cent and the cost also ranges around just 65 dollars. As the alcohol content increases, the cost of the gin also increases. The botanicals usually consist of the juniper alone. The pairing of this gin is usually done with lime which gives them a sour edge.


  • North of Eden Oyster Shell Gin

They are sold mostly in premium quality and are quite expensive. The alcohol content is up to 40 per cent and the flavours are given with the hop flowers. They are paired with tonic water or citrus fruit for a better taste.

  • Prohibition Liquor Co. Moonlight Gin
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These are also sold in premium quality with an alcohol content of up to 42 per cent. One interesting fact about these guys is that they have won the San Francisco Medal World Spirit Competition 2020.

  • Applewood Distillery Alpine Gin

They contain an alcohol percentage of up to 46 per cent and contain botanicals hugely from the Daintree forest. You can make the best cocktails out of this as they can be easily paired with other alcoholic beverages.

  • Seppeltsfield Road Distillers Musician’s Cut Gin

They contain an alcohol content of at least 41 per cent and they are fully flavoured with a group of flowers. Many people pair it with soda or any fresh fruits. If you are a beginner at the gin, you can start with this!

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If you want to enjoy your fullest with a gin at your party – An Australian gin won’t disappoint you!

Author: Alisha

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