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9 Diwali Gifts For Your Boss That You Can Make Yourself!!

Buying corporate Diwali gifts is something that everyone dreads as what you gift can make or destroy your impression. Even more so if the one you are thinking of giving your boss! Your boss is the one whom you are continually trying to impress or make happy. Maybe he is the one who can give you that increment or promotion that you have wished for. So before giving him corporate Diwali gifts should be done carefully and with a lot of attention! If you are thinking of ordering a Diwali gift online for your boss this Diwali and are doubtful of what to give, read our article. We have some ideas for you;

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1. The key to giving your boss’s right is to give him something that will affect him and one which he will use on his day-to-day basis. That is why DIY gifts will impress him as you have made them yourself. This is the most excellent way to showcase your artistic talents as well. Also, keep in mind whether your organization has any rules regarding corporate Diwali gifts or corporate gifting, and be assured to stay within those rules.

2. DIY Idea – Another idea is to give handcrafted candles. Handcrafted candles have a special appeal to them that any item can’t change. Since Diwali is the occasion of lights, and this present is a great one for Diwali gifting! Willing to know how to make one, we have a simple technique for you. Liquefy some paraffin wax in a tall thin container over a heater and soften and reach boiling point. When dissolved, add essential oils to make fragrance and relaxing candles (lavender, rosemary, etc.). Add this wax to a compartment and take your decision’s flame strings and bind them to a metal nut for candle creation. Include the strings and leave them aside to cool down. Make different candles and add these to a present hamper to give to your boss.

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3. DIY idea – Make homemade chocolates and wrap them in beautiful chocolate wrapping paper. Homemade chocolates are simple to make, and these gifts fall within most corporate gifting rules. Providing a Diwali gift delivery to your boss’s homemade chocolates will add your unique touch to your gift and make you feel unique among other co-workers. Make different chocolates and add them to attractive chocolate or gift boxes and gift them.

4. DIY idea -Make DIY boxes out of handcrafted paper or buy plain wooden ones and cover them using your creativity! Paper boxes can hold your lightweight presents like chocolates or blooms. You can finish these boxes with sparkle or multi-coloured ribbon or lace or zari (for the traditional look) and add rose flowers to it! Wooden boxes can be designed by completely painting them with a solid layer of one color as the base color. Use 3D paint to draw beautiful motif designs on the box to decorate it. These boxes can be used to add valuable items like jewellery boxes, your watch collection, etc.

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5. DIY idea-Embroidery Headphones

Earphones break regularly, and except if you give out a major wad of cash for a quality pair, you need to replace them continually. Create a guard for wires against everyday wear and tear(and make them look lovely!) with a slick weaving DIY. Give a couple of these to your boss, and they will welcome these for their everyday use.

6. DIY idea-Mithai Hamper

Truly, nothing is surprising about gifting sweets for Diwali, but it will when you do it in a specially designed traditional mithai hamper! Made a wonderful box with sections for various types of homemade desserts. You can fill everyone with various colours or go for a Diwali theme.

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7. DIY idea- Decorative Tray for Home and Gifting:

Are you thinking of giving Diwali decorative items? Try a decorative tray for your boss this Diwali. You can give it a customary design using different decorative items. It’s something that you should try and is very simple and easy to make. What are you waiting for? Make your DIY plate this Diwali!

8. DIY idea-Box of Goodies

If you are low on spending budget or are searching for a combination of items, you can make a box of treats for your boss. You can include chocolates, cakes, desserts, roses, and dry fruits products. Compose little messages on cards and place them in the container. Your boss will be eager to know the treats that the container has!

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9. DIY idea-Gift vouchers – Ok, this one is evident is less DIY than the others. However, the fact is you can open your PC and effectively pick an online gift voucher from any online diwali gifts express delivery and have it delivered over to your recipient through email. The great part is when you give them a card. Tell you, boss, to browse their email, and boom, there’s the genuine present in their email inbox! A remarkable way to give a present this Diwali. Use our above DIY Diwali gift ideas to gift your boss. We are sure he will be impressed!

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