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9 Changes You Can Do to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

New house, new neighbourhood, new people – you will encounter many new things when you relocate. And sometimes, it can get a bit overwhelming.

You may even feel like what you now call “home” is an alien place – a strange house holding many mysteries that might keep you up all night.

But you still moved in and for a good reason. Whatever that may be, the fact remains that this place was the best result of your home search. All that’s left is to get settled.

For an effortless adjustment, it would do you good to make the following nine simple changes to your new house:

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1.   Redecorate your bedroom.

Your bedroom serves as your sanctuary. And having that one serene place where you can retreat to is vital during those first chaotic weeks in your new house.

That said, setting up your bedroom should be your top priority immediately after you move in. Make the bed, roll out a rug, set up your nightstands and study lamps, hang pictures, a mirror, and some artwork – doing these little things will help make the bedroom feel like it’s truly yours (and it is!).

Just remember not to jump from one task to the next hastily. You have a lot to do until your bedroom starts feeling like your safe haven. The only way to avoid getting stressed by unpacking is to enjoy it.

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2.   Update the window implements.

Upon moving to your new home, you may find the windows decorated with boring curtains or unappealing Venetian blinds. You can leave those there as they are if you like.

But if you want to make the place feel cosy, you need to do something about those window implements.

Choose fabrics that showcase your style and toss in new window dressings that will bring the whole space together. Not only will you have something to control the temperature and light that enters the house, but you will also get the privacy you need as you get settled.

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3.   Get organised.

Don’t procrastinate on organising your new home. If you do arrange your belongings right after moving in, you’ll find adjusting to life in your new place more pleasant.

You can hire a professional closet designer or organiser or just do it yourself. Either way, you need to take the time to focus on arranging the critical areas in the house.

Don’t just put things away as quickly as possible. Instead, take your time and thoroughly think about how you want your home organised. This is important, especially when unpacking items to put in your closet, drawers, garage, or storage shed.

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4.   Arrange your books.

Shelves filled with books always make a home feel welcoming and cosy, especially if you’re a wide reader and book lover. After all, very few things can give you a better feeling than being able to read your favourite book while enjoying a cup of tea.

When unpacking your books, contemplate how you want them to be arranged on the shelves. Are you the sort who likes to segregate books based on genre or topic? Or perhaps you want them displayed based on the mood they convey or the author who wrote them?

No matter what strategy you go with, you must never postpone shelving your books. The sooner they hit the shelves, the faster you can enjoy some quiet reading time in your new place.

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5.   Put up some art and photographs.

Like books, artworks also help make any space feel like a happy place, so make sure you adorn your walls with your favourite art pieces as soon as you have time.

Studies show that just looking at an art piece can help make you happy and reduce the stress you feel, whether related to the move or otherwise. Some people also get a significant amount of pleasure seeing beautiful things in their home, not to mention it allows them to inject their unique personality into the place.

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The same holds true for family photographs.

If you have paintings or drawings close to your heart, like creations from people you love or your own, or framed pictures of your loved ones, hang those up in your new place. Surrounding yourself with things that remind you of home can help you feel more comfortable in your new house.

6.   Enhance your space with scents.

You cannot get that homey feeling without the right scents. Enhance your space with inviting smells that transform it into something you can appreciate.

Incense, scented candles and fragrance oil diffusers could help you achieve this. You can also buy some air fresheners with aromas that remind you of home.

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And don’t forget the natural scents commonly used in many homes, like the smell of baked cupcakes, freshly brewed coffee, and even that fresh, clean fragrance of flowers in the morning.

7.   Recreate sights and sounds that remind you of home.

Do you have a singing cuckoo clock that has been in your family home for years? If you do, be sure to get it running to fill your new place with familiar sounds.

Of course, this can be achieved with a variety of things. It could be a record player, a wind chime, or even an old transistor radio your grandparents have passed on to you. The bottom line here is you need to have something that can recreate an ambience that makes you feel like you’re in a safe place.

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8.   Clean the house.

Most people think new houses are clean from the get-go. However, the moving process – not to mention, any remodelling work done before you moved in – can leave plenty of dirt and grime. Even a house that is newly built is bound to have dust coating its surfaces.

This is the very reason why you need to clean the place once you move in. Besides getting that clean-house smell, maintaining cleanliness also makes the space feel relaxing or cosy.

Besides dusting off surfaces, make sure you regularly change and wash your towels and sheets. And don’t forget about the clutter. A good top-to-bottom cleaning will help you get a worthwhile fresh start in your new home.

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9.   Bring in some houseplants.

You might want to bring some plants into your home as well. Keeping fresh plants in your house not only helps clean the air but is also a great way to relax after a stressful move.

Just remember to take the light and air conditions in every room to determine what plants will thrive indoors. And don’t forget to shop for gardening supplies you need to keep your new plant babies healthy and thriving.

Transform Your New House into a Home

Relocating to a new house is both a blessing and a challenge.

Make sure you get a good fresh start and get settled in much easier by transforming your new place into one you can call home.

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