October 12


9 Best Different Gift Ideas to Express your Love

Giving Gifts is a great way of expressing love, but the entire purpose will fail if the receiver doesn’t connect with it. So, to help you select the right gift, this article has nine gift ideas that reek of love, only love!


  1. Exploding love box


This looks like a normal gift box from the outside, but as soon as you untie the bow, you’ll see layers of photos, love notes, etc. If you’re buying it from some retail shop, you will find 24 spots for photos and notes.


Some exploding love boxes even have a place for a small trinket in the center area.

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  1. Personalized key chain


You might think keychains are cliche. But this gift is an old-school way of expressing the love that never goes wrong. You can buy a customized key chain with a sweet love message to make it more special.


  1. Pendant with two initials


For a long time, the pendant has been the best gift to give your partner. Of course, things have changed drastically in the digital era, but the charm of the pendant never withered.


The pendant with two initials often comes in two parts of one shape, one part attached to the other with the help of a magnet. In one part, you can put your initial, and on the other, your partner’s initial.

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This is a sweet way of saying “I love you” to your loved ones.


  1. Touch bracelet set


Nowadays, several relationships turn long-distance due to work, studies, and many other reasons. It’s tough, extremely tough, especially on days when you’re craving your partner’s touch. You can gift them a touch bracelet set to help you and your partner cope with those days.


Whenever you miss the other, just tap your bracelet, which will light up your partner’s bracelet and send a vibrating signal.


This way, your partner will instantly know you are missing them and tap their own to convey the message.

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  1. “Reasons to love you” Jar


Purchase a jar and colorful art papers. Cut the papers into small pieces. Then write down small messages and reasons to love your partner daily on the pieces.


Fold them and put the papers into the Jar. If you want to walk an extra mile, add a bow on top of the Jar.

Don’t forget to add an instruction card that says, “Read one every day as soon as you wake up!” – this will ensure that your partner starts their day with a smile!


  1. Disney candle


If your partner is a Disney fanatic, this gift idea is just for you. It will make them feel nostalgic and bring back all the fun and memories. You can buy Disney gifts in Australia from ShortStory or look for them in nearby offline stores.

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  1. Bucket-list journal


Every couple has a bucket list, and many write it down. Normally jotting down your ideas can seem a little boring but trust me, there’s no better fun couple activity than this.


So, without giving it any more thought, just buy a bucket list journal and fill out a few points on your own. Then gift it to your partner so they can write their wishes. Then, when you start living them, cross-mark them on the journal – take my word for it, it’s a heavenly feeling!


Plus, this book will also showcase your romantic journey. Years later, you will be glad you did it when you look into the book.

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  1. Love card


Cards never, NEVER get old. This digital era may have shifted to new digital forms of expressing love, but it cannot beat the feeling of holding a physical card.


So, visit your nearest offline store or order one online – and look at your partner’s face glistening with love.


  1. Engraved wallet card


We have seen so many engraved gifts like rings, necklaces, etc. But do you know about engraved wallet cards?


It is a metal card that can be engraved with a personalized message and is first perfectly in the card space. So, every time your partner opens the wallet to reach any credit card or ATM card, they will smile seeing your love-filled message!

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Over to you…


Now that you know all the ideas, you can pick the perfect gift for your partner. No matter what you pick, don’t forget to add a little note on top of the gift to make it even more special.

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