March 27


7 Reasons You Should Participate In A Clinical Trial

A clinical trial is a research study involving human volunteers to test whether a new treatment works or not. In this type of study, one group will be given the treatment being tested while another group will be provided either no treatment or a different kind of treatment, known as the control group.

The process of clinical trials is the most important part of healthcare. It is used for developing new treatments, cures, and preventative measures. Clinical trials are also used to determine the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or other treatments.

People who participate in clinical trials have the opportunity to take part in cutting-edge research that may not otherwise be available to them. The information they provide during their participation can help other people in the future.

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One of the most common reasons people give for not participating in clinical trials is that they are afraid of risks. They might be afraid that they will have side effects or get sicker than before, but there are also numerous benefits of participating in a clinical trial. But either way, the decision to participate in a clinical trial is important. There are various pros and cons to consider. The decision should not be made without consulting with your doctor or medical practitioner. With that in mind, let us consult some reasons why you should participate in clinical trials.

1. The process is completely ethical

The main reason people shy away from clinical trials is that they are afraid of the possible side effects. However, medical researchers have to adhere to some ethics to ensure patient safety and trial result integrity. For this reason, government regulations clearly emphasize ethics in clinical research, and all clinical trials first undergo review by an institutional review board. Once the board determines that the trials are safe for the participants and their rights will be protected, only then researchers are permitted to conduct the research.

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An important aspect of ensuring ethical compliance is that the participants are always informed of the trial’s potential risks and side effects. An understanding of the procedure’s expected results and its side effects can help you determine whether a clinical trial is indeed the best option for you.

2. Access to potential treatment

Another reason why it is highly recommended for patients with terminal illnesses to participate in clinical trials is that they can gain access to potential treatments long before they are widely available to the general public. But don’t be afraid that these trials can worsen your condition as all of these medications undergo rigorous testing so that they can pass the FDA standards. Only then researchers can use these medications on patients who are taking part in clinical trials. This ensures that you are in any danger of serious side effects and harm. In fact, clinical trials give you access to cutting-edge technology and treatments that can help improve your condition.

3. Play an active role in your health care

Through clinical trials, you get a chance to play an active role in your own health. As clinical trials don’t require the participants to have insurance, all the medications and treatments you have to take are free of cost for you. Hence, clinical trials help remove the obstruction and hassles of insurance and limited budgets. In fact, you can also gain access to long-term care through clinical trials, but it depends on the condition the trial focuses on.

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4. Receive expert medical care

Clinical trials are not scary like horror/thriller movies have us believe. In fact, they can be your key to acquiring expert healthcare services at a healthcare facility. Of course, the main perk of this position is that all the health care services will be free of cost because you will be a participant in the clinical trial. Hence, we recommend opting for clinical trials if you aim to acquire high-quality health care services at the hands of leading medical experts in the field without any financial burden.

5. Help the future of health care

Your contributions as a participant in the clinical trial will not go unnoticed. In fact, you will play a crucial role in progressing medical treatment technologies that can help the coming generations. Hence, participating in a clinical trial doesn’t only help you, but the research findings the researchers conclude also develop better health care plans for the coming times. Therefore, any individual with a condition or illness similar to yours will be thankful for your contribution.

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6. Clinical trials need participants from diverse backgrounds

No matter what race, gender, ethnicity, or preference you belong to, your contributions are crucial for clinical trials. The reason researchers need participants belonging to diverse backgrounds is that some conditions can be more prevalent or threatening to a certain group of people. Hence, participating in a clinical trial doesn’t only provide you access to advanced medical treatments but also helps your community. Therefore, clinical trials need your contribution no matter which background, age, race, or gender you belong to.

7. You may receive compensation

Not only are clinical trials free of insurance hassles and completely free of cost, but you may receive some type of compensation for being a participant in one. Some clinical trials compensate the participants for their effort and time spent on the study through monetary compensation. The amount you receive varies from one trial to another. On the other hand, if you don’t receive any financial compensation, you will be compensated through some type of reimbursement. For example, you may receive free medication, medical equipment, medical care, etc.

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If you are suffering from any terminal illness or a type of illness that there is no cure for so far, your participation in clinical trials is highly valuable. Because of the clinical trial, you will be helping thousands, if not millions of people around the world if a breakthrough is reached. Similarly, if you have any genetic condition, your participation will improve scientists’ understanding of your condition and help determine what they can do to make life easier for you and others like you. And even if the clinical trials end up failing, you will still improve scientists’ understanding of your condition, which will bring them one step closer to the cure.

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With all of that said, it is safe to say that while clinical trials sound scary, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Therefore, participating in a clinical trial is for your betterment.

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