June 19


7 Reasons Why Corporates Love SIt Stand Desks

There is no doubt that in recent times, standing desks have become a lot more popular, with the average desk height now reaching to about 29 inches. So it’s not surprising to find so many people embracing this smart move for the sake of their health, productivity and happiness. There are many reasons why businesses have taken the office environment by storm with this big decision.


To begin with, there are a number of studies which suggest that standing desks can increase productivity by as much as 44% compared to sitting at a desk all day long. That’s not all though. There are others who suggest that using both sitting and standing spaces throughout the work day has some potential benefits including improved heart health, reduced back pain and increased workplace engagement. Here are a few reasons why corporates love sit stand desk:

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  1. Increased Productivity and Work Efficiency

Using both sitting and standing desks can improve your productivity by as much as 44% comparatively to only using a sit down desk, according to an ABC News article. This is due to the fact that sitting all day long can make it difficult to work effectively, while having a comfortable standing desk space allows you more freedom of movement and improves your productivity. On top of this, people get more done at work if they refrain from being seated all day long because they have a greater ability to focus and stay focused on their tasks at hand.



  1. Promotes Healthy Posture

Sit stand desks allow you to switch between sitting on a computer chair and standing position throughout the work day which means you stay active while you’re working instead of getting stiff and sore. Even if you’ve had an injury or are recovering from surgery, your posture will benefit from being in a standing position as opposed to sitting all day long.


  1. Helps Relieve Back Pain

Having chronic back pain can make it challenging to sit at a desk all day long, especially if you have to sit in the same position for hours on end. With sit stand desks, you can avoid this by alternating between standing and sitting throughout your day. You’ll also be able to move and stretch which will increase the blood flow to your muscles and joints, reducing any pain and stiffness that you might be experiencing.

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  1. Improves Sleep

If you’re prone to sleeping issues such as insomnia or restless sleep, switching up your posture throughout the work day can help improve this greatly. There are many studies which suggest that sitting for long periods of time at a desk can lead to some unhealthy sleeping habits, so being able to stand can help alleviate some of these problems when it comes time for bedtime.


  1. Improves the Work Environment

Using both sitting and standing desks can improve the work environment because it works well with both a sit down and stand up environment. This means that employees are able to transition between a sitting position to an upright standing one, which allows for easier movement between areas of the room when working. It also allows companies to get employees to move around and be more active as opposed to sitting all day long. This also means they’ll be more productive while they’re at work, which could be beneficial for your bottom line since productivity is directly tied to profit.

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  1. Additional Benefits

Other potential benefits of using both sitting and standing work sites include:

– Reduced back pain

– Better focus

– Less stress and anxiety

– Improved circulation  – Improved sleep  – Improved posture  – Reduced risk of eye strain and headaches


  1. Boosts Efficiency

Using both sitting and standing desks also allows people to switch between different work methods throughout the day. This can help people work more effectively because they can concentrate on their work while using a standing desk and then relax and focus on something else when they sit down. There’s also the potential for increased use of technology in a workplace which leads to increased productivity, especially if you’re able to have technology such as computers and tablets at both sitting and standing spaces.

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If you’re struggling to decide which is best for your business, there are some great features of both sitting and standing desks that can help you when it comes to finding the right type of sit-stand desk. Many people often don’t realise these benefits when they first begin experimenting with a new work space, but with a little time and research, they use the process to their advantage and discover incredible things such as increased productivity and healthier employees.


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