October 12


6 Reasons You Need to Get Rid of Dirty Towels from Your Bathroom ṣ

Do you know what the dirtiest thing in your bathroom is? No, it’s not the toilet. The right answer is your towel. Yes, you heard that right.


Dirty towels can be the birthplace of many illnesses in your body. Don’t believe it? Read on to know more.


  1. It becomes a hub for bacteria, fungi, and viruses


Most of us think that we use towels after fully cleaning ourselves, so there is no way the towel will get dirty. Yes, the logic is half true. Because you wash off some bacteria and viruses, there will still be numerous fungi and other pathogens stuck to your skin.

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And as you rub your towel on your body, they will transfer to the towel. Then, after some time, they will start to multiply and slowly build up a whole breed in your towel.


A study was done to understand the relativity of the theory. It showed that the used hand towel contained more coliform bacteria than the new ones. This happens because pathogens thrive in dark and moist environments.


So, replacing your old hand towel with a new or fresh one is best. You can buy nice towels from luxury homewares online or look for a few in nearby offline stores.

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  1. You will probably get yourself infected by taking a shower in the bacteria zone


As the dirty towel is the house of the pathogens and you are rubbing it all over your body, there is a high chance you will get infected. These small creatures can enter your body through ears, nostrils, or other openings.


Sometimes when you rub vigorously, it can cause scratches on your body. Though they are too small to be noticed, they are the best gateway for microbes to enter your body. It will not infect you right away.


But when your body is weak, it will multiply rapidly and impact it further. So, cleaning your towels after using them more than three times is best. If you are more prone to acne or you have sensitive skin, it’s best to clean the towels after every use.

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  1. It causes mold in your bathroom


Some people tend to leave their wet towels hanging in the bathroom or lying on the washing machine. But do you know you are unknowingly causing mold in your bathroom? Mold grows in places with little light and ventilation, almost zero.


So when you dump your wet towel in your bathroom, you contribute to the growth molds. This can cause serious health issues, especially if you have asthma or someone with respiratory issues.


  1. It fills your bathroom with musty odors


If you smell musty odors in your bathroom, it’s a telltale sign that your bathroom is filled with microbes. This is the time when you must contact a professional to help you get rid of them. After that, make sure you keep fresh towels in your bathroom, or else it will lead to the same problems again.

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Now that you know all the reasons behind using fresh towels, it’s time to explore tips on keeping your towel clean and germ-free.


  1. Wash your towels separately


Don’t put your towel in your laundry with other clothes. Instead, wash them separately to maintain hygiene. If you have colored towels and white towels, don’t mix them up. Instead, put them in different washing cycles.


  1. Add half amount of detergent than your normal laundry


Most people mistake using the same amount of detergent as normal clothes for towels. It can reduce the absorption power of your towel by blocking the fabrics. Half the amount of detergent is perfect for towels as it will clean them gently.

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Do not use fabric softener and non-chlorine bleach because both of these also impact the absorption power.


  1. Shake each towel before putting them in the dryer


This loosens the fabric loops and dries up the towel quickly. Further, it also helps to maintain the fluffiness of the towels.


Over to you…


So, these are a few reasons you should get rid of dirty towels from your bathroom, along with a few tips on keeping them clean and fresh. Other than that, make sure to dry the towels completely before storing them.

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