September 12


6 Key People Skill for Operations Managers

Are you an operations manager or plan to be one? Or, perhaps you’re contemplating changing your career. Whatever the case may be, an operations manager is an important role. They oversee the company’s manufacturing process, customer service and sales functions. They hold a lot of hats and have to go with the flow.

At first, it seems like a lot of responsibility for one person. An operations manager must be ready to think on their feet and know how to relate with employees. But a talented operations manager can help grow the business. Their decisions on operational changes can make their company more competitive in its market.

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Here are five pivotal people skills they should have to be successful.

1. Strong Communication Skills

Operations managers must be able to communicate with all levels of staff. This includes verbal and written communication. Their strong verbal communication skills should inspire and motivate their team.

Nothing gets accomplished if the workers do not believe in the operations manager. Therefore, when they say something, it should be taken as the gospel truth.

The operations manager should also be able to communicate a vision for the company. Showing that they are knowledgeable about it will instill confidence in their employees.

2. Active Listening Skills

Operations managers should be able to listen actively. They must focus on what the other employees tell them. They can only lead by example. And thus, they should convey to their staff that they care about what is being said.

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After someone gets done talking, the operations manager should clarify any questions. This shows appreciation for the staff member’s input and prevents misunderstandings later. Also, it will help staff members feel that they are respected and heard.

3. Flexibility

An operations manager should be flexible and open to change. They must help their staff adapt to new procedures by emphasizing the benefits. Taking on new challenges with a positive attitude instead of resisting change is also essential.

While working on their flexibility, they should keep other things in mind. For one, they must remember that employees get used to doing things a certain way. So, the operations manager must emphasize change as a positive thing.

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4. Negotiation Skills

When it comes to helping staff members resolve conflicts, negotiation is vital. Every person has differing personalities and work styles. The operations manager should be able to settle disputes among the team. And, they must do this without alienating any one employee. If not, the entire staff may resent their overall performance.

5. Good Judgement

Operations managers should also have good judgment. Taking calculated risks and escaping sticky situations shouldn’t be an issue. They also have to make good decisions when time is running short. At times, there may not be an immediate solution. So, they must use their best judgment and figure out how to proceed.

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For instance, an operations manager may have to arrange temporary housing if a team is going on a business trip. Deciding whether a team should stay at an apartment or hotel is one decision they’ll have to make. Knowing all the details, such as how long the trip will be will help in this sort of situation.

Often, having a team stay at a hotel makes the most sense. Hotels offer full-service amenities such as room service and laundry facilities. Booking a hotel as early as possible is vital to make planning easier. It’s often easy to find exclusive rates online through sites like Hotel Engine.

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As an operation manager, having good judgment skills is a must. Good judgement makes everything go a lot more smoothly.

6. Leadership Skills

Operations managers should be able to inspire their employees, especially during tough times. Their employees will look up to them for guidance and direction. Of course, they won’t always have all the answers. But they should be willing to offer the best solutions at the time.

To lead by example, they should demonstrate teamwork. This means participating in group activities instead of only assigning work. In addition, being willing to perform tasks that align with their skillset makes a good impression on employees.

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An operations manager’s leadership skills can be the difference between success and failure. If they’re not a strong leader, the rest of the team will be unable to work effectively. Having the right people skills is essential to being a successful business owner. The more time they spend preparing for this role, the greater their chances of success. So, keep this all in mind before accepting a job as an operations manager.

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