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5 Photo Album Design Ideas For A Memorable Wedding

A perfect wedding album represents an ideal wedding story that will pass from generation to generation. Wedding albums are a priceless memento of your wedding. It is also fun to share your special memories with your friends and family since they hold a special place in your heart. Hence, it is important to plan a memorable wedding and buy photo albums online. Plus, you will also require a first-rate photographer for clicking candid photos of your family and friends. Once you have assigned a photographer, you can decide the layout or photos to be included in the wedding album. There are a variety of wedding albums starting from personalised covers to a wedding photo book. Some couples purchase photo albums ahead of the wedding, whereas some spend days scrutinising their options. You can even plan the theme of the wedding album and decide on your perfect fairytale memorable wedding memories. So, read further to learn some design ideas and tips for a perfect wedding album and some special memories.

Pick A Size

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When designing a wedding album, you must always consider the size. Different sizes of photo albums are attainable at different prices. For instance, you can find various dimensions of the album like 8×8 inches, 12×12 inches and so forth. Although many couples opt for 11×14 inches for their wedding album, you can pick the one you feel best suits your wedding memories.

Choose The Paper

Choosing the right paper can baffle you at times. There are two types of paper for the wedding albums, and you can choose either one with ease. You can select either an album with a matte finish or glossy paper. So, what’s the difference between the two? The matte finish papers appear crispier, whereas the glossy paper makes your album colourful and gives it more shine. Many photographers prefer matte finish papers rather than glossy ones. If you don’t want to select either, there is another option for you. You can purchase photo albums with lustre paper. Lustre paper is a blend of glossy paper and matte finish paper. Whether you pick lustre, glossy or matte finish papers, it must be the quintessence of beautiful moments.

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Pick Your Cover Design

One of the most important decisions for you to make is the album’s cover design. You can select from several designs such as silk, leather, suede and canvas. It is necessary to pick a cover of the wedding album that is easy on the eye. You can also look for photo albums with chic prints.

Pick A Theme

It is fun to pick a theme for your wedding album. In case the theme of your wedding is royalty, make sure that your album contains the essence of royalty in all photos. And if the theme of your wedding is that of a beach, you can get that in sync too. For your wedding album to be perfect, you must consider a uniform colour palette.

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Include Your Favourites 

When selecting pictures for the wedding album, you must choose those pictures that evoke memories and emotions. Therefore, you must not add all the photos available of your wedding but instead pick the ones you love the most. Additionally, you can add it in such a way that it must appear to be in chronological order.

You can buy photo albums online and make great memories for your wedding by adding the photos you love the best. Moreover, the happiness and joy in your face while relieving those memories will bring a smile to your face.

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