September 16


5 Kitchen Renovation Trends For 2021

This is why kitchen trends have changed a lot over the past year. With a shift in the way everyone is spending more time at home than outside, there has been a significant change in the way families utilize the kitchen. The kitchen is now beyond preparing and plating food. It has become the center for the family members living in the house.

Many homeowners and renovators such as Agape Home Services are now designing their kitchens to connect with other rooms or outdoor spaces. So as we continue with our lives and try to make the most of it, here are the new and amazing kitchen renovation trends for you to try.

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Advanced Remodeling

There are a variety of new and amazing faucet features being introduced. Among them, there is a faucet that dispenses boiling water every time, making it perfect for remote workers to make tea or coffee easily while working or on a call. Moreover, motion sensor taps do not require touching, thus making them the most popular faucets due to the current circumstances.

Dark-colored surfaces

According to, this is a kitchen trend that has become famous recently. This trend has stemmed from the use of two-toned themes in the kitchens. Dark tops and counters can be contrasted with lighter or bright-colored furniture. It enhances the look of the space and adds a sophisticated and luxurious look to the kitchen.

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Moreover, adding dark grays or black with textured materials and woods increases the aesthetics of your kitchen, adding a homely appeal to it.



The use of high-quality materials to add strong lines to your kitchen, while also keeping in mind the functionality aspect will allow you to create a minimalist style. The minimalist look of less is more is easy to achieve and looks classy and contemporary. This style can also cut down on your kitchen renovation bills.

Unique statement

Experimenting with various elements can add a unique look to your kitchen. Unique statements such as splashbacks, textured materials, waterfall islands are all the rage nowadays. The monochrome or two-tone theme in the kitchen complements unique statements and balances the space’s overall appeal.

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Industrial style kitchen

Another way you can add aesthetics is through an industrial-style kitchen. Textured materials rich in tones are gaining a lot of attention from interior designers and renovators. Moreover, a concrete or metal finish also gives the kitchen a unique and classic finish.

The use of metal framing tends to attract the eye and is popularly used on open shelves. If you are fond of metallic finishes, adding in metal taps and giving your tables a metallic finish will create an overall cohesive look.

In conclusion

The addition of high-tech fixtures and using a smart and aesthetic color combination can uplift your kitchen. Moving ahead into a new decade requires change, and so these changes in your kitchen will ensure that your money is spent in the right place. These ideas will create a comfortable, aesthetic, and homey feel to your kitchen, allowing you to enjoy the space with your friends and family pleasantly.

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