August 27


5 Astounding qualities of sisal stair runner

Most of us are familiar with the elastic strength and charismatic natural appeal of sisal rugs. Their textured aspect and eco-friendly properties add a classier touch to your home decor. Sisal rugs are beautiful and are becoming the choice of a lot of households. Indoor-outdoor sisal rugs can resist degeneration in salt water, and their volatile properties are accurate for facing heavy traffic and extreme dirt. sisal rugs with borders are a great example of human creativity in natural products. Square sisal rugs are available in the most amazing designs that may go with the look of your house. 

Sisal rugs are attractive and work well on practically any surface, but did you know that they are also an excellent choice for your stairs?

If not, here are some reasons to consider switching to a sisal stair runner.

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Provides strong grip:

Stairs require a strong grip on the floor to prevent slipping. The natural texture of sisal stair runners creates great friction between your foot and the floor; thus, unlike other smooth and soft stairs, it is clear that sisal stair runners will never let you fall.


When firmly installed, sisal stair runners are almost indestructible. As a result, sisal is the best organic material for your stairs, being highly durable and hard-wearing. Their resilient nature makes them the best option for households with a lot of kids and pets.


Sisal stairs are ecologically friendly. They are natural and biodegradable. Hence they do not cause any harm to the environment. So switching to sisal stair runners can be your contribution towards protecting mother earth.

Appealing patterns:

 The square sisal rug’s organic appeal and customized quality create an extremely attractive look on the stairs. You can mold them into your desired shape. Sisal takes dye very well. So you can convert your stairs into the color of your choice without any issue. Natural fibers are neatly woven of sisal rugs with borders and feel fascinating while walking on them. 

Cheap and Easy to clean:

 Sisal rugs are comparatively cheaper. Even though it is organic but is still quite affordable, they are very easy to clean. You are not required to have any special machine and equipment to get rid of the dirt from the floor. The basic methods will do the job. 


Sisal rugs can be a reason for your house being the most aesthetically pleasing in society. And since it is natural, you become a true friend of the environment. Their resilient nature and clean woven finish make them an excellent choice for your stairs. Your kids can run up and down the stairs all day without tearing the Sisal rugs. Their organic look is extremely aesthetically pleasing and adds a classier appeal to your house. No special treatment is required to clean the sisal stair runner and saves your extra expenses. 

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