October 25


4 Various Type Of Orthodontic Treatments You Must Know

Earlwood is a South Western Sydney suburb in New South Wales, Australia. It has a great streetscape and plenty of freedom to walk around. The suburb is known for its sweet treats. Dessert lovers always Orthodontic go to well-known sweet shops to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Meanwhile, your teeth are not only used for eating but it is also maintained to help you flash that beautiful smile. Unfortunately, however, not all are blessed with beautiful pearly whites. Yet fortunately, you can always have an orthodontic treatment in Earlwood to help you fix whatever problem your teeth have.

What type of treatment do you need?

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The first step in any procedure is determining your teeth’s current position and how they will likely evolve. This frequently requires taking X-rays, creating plaster models, and photographing your teeth. Following that, you will be provided with a treatment plan. This could indicate that there are multiple solutions to your situation. Discuss your options with your orthodontist.

Orthodontic appliances

Orthodontists use various appliances to fix your teeth’s position. These are:

  • Removable braces
    These are plates typically made of plastic, covering the roof of your mouth and clipping on some teeth. These are used to achieve limited tooth movements.
  • Fixed braces
    These braces are fixed and cannot be removed as their brackets are glued on each front tooth, linked with wires.
  • Functional appliances
    This removable plastic brace typically comes in pairs, designed to work together and fit on both lower and upper teeth.
  • Headgear
    While this is not part of an orthodontic appliance, it is used with other appliances normally worn at night.
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The treatments may include surgery in some serious cases to move the jaw. However, this is done in hospitals.

Removable braces

This type of brace is used to address minor issues or along with a fixed-brace treatment plan. They can also be used to keep kids from thumb sucking. These braces should only be removed from your mouth during cleaning or for safety when participating in certain activities.

Fixed braces

The most frequently used orthodontic appliance is fixed braces. You can eat a regular diet after a few days of wearing a fixed brace. However, certain foods beverages, like hard candies, toffee, and carbonated drinks, should be avoided since they can harm the braces.

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If you wear fixed braces and participate in any contact sport like rugby, it is advisable to wear a gum shield to protect the brace and your teeth. Fixed braces are often made of metal and will be seen on your teeth. Many private orthodontists provide clear or ceramic braces and metal braces fixed at the back of the teeth. However, these types of fixed braces are expensive.

Functional appliances

Functional appliances are used to treat issues with the lower and upper teeth and jaws. Unfortunately, most people must wear them at all times. Meanwhile, it is crucial to follow your orthodontist’s recommendations regarding when and how to wear the appliance. The therapy will not work if it is not worn appropriately. In addition, you may need to remove the appliance while eating and during cleaning.

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These are just the basic treatments that you can get to fix your teeth. There are still other types of orthodontic treatment in Earlwood, such as retainers and tooth removal, but they are used depending on the situation.

Don’t let the odd form of your teeth and jaw affect your beautiful smile. Consult an orthodontist as soon as possible.

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